Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. The fairings on the bike after making a load of brackets and fixings.
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  2. I managed to sneak a book into the latest order at work
    Some fabby bikes in it.[​IMG]

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  3. 8FA51D89-6293-407A-8D02-2E98F889DE36.jpeg 22p...
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  5. [​IMG] if you can’t use your head use a hat ;)

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  6. 9695728F-4932-4751-AEC8-355EDE7F3A5B.jpeg
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  8. Where’s the cake and candles then! ;)

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  9. That was my guess too!

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  10. Close but a tad north in Whitby :D
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  11. Hartlepool

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  12. Skeg!

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  13. Why aye man, Sooth Sheealds :D
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  14. That’s not right, it’s aw moooch
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  15. Must be, but hasn't been opened for a few years.

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  16. Oi I’m only thinning :p
  17. Not the last piccy i took but possibly one of the earliest ones of me that appeared on my facebook memories page today. Gotta be 1980 or 81. :p
  18. Got company in the garden

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