Sacre Bleu

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  1. Or the French
  2. Or cheap builders
  3. Or the Pope
  4. Or Paedos
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  5. Anybody else ?
  6. I’d be careful about slagging the Vatican bank, or you’ll be found dangling under Blackfriars bridge :eek:
  7. Six Hail Marys. Right now!
  8. It's ok, my youngest son will protect me - he is very good playing Assasins Creed....
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  9. Smells of a government scam...:thinking:

    Government Needs millions of euros
    To repair big buildings
    its neglected for decades

    Macron due to address the rebellious nation,o_O
    Old shed full of dodgy artifacts catches fire,

    The people become distraught..
    Wealthy French fat cats jump in with millions of euros..
    The people are then tres jollie

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  10. They will also avoid more tax as it’s s charitable donation.
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  11. Be nice to see the Catholic church step up to the plate, I hear they have a few pennies put by.
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  12. They have to keep that for the courts .
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  13. Actual figures seem a bit sketchy but It’s sad to think that more money has been raised for this building than live aid.

    Are buildings really more important than people?
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  14. @Dicky what-up thats not you mate but you did make me laugh.:lol:
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  15. Has that been adjusted for inflation?
  16. Feel free to inflate it


    In not sure it even comes close to this figure. Different times and all that, back then it was either credit card or cheque.


    I think the point is these billionaires quite happily throw (in one case) €200 million for a building but don’t care about the starving and homeless in France and around the world.
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  17. As has already been mentioned, I think, the billionaires can write it all off against tax.

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