Sacre Bleu

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    That name rings a bell!
  2. We have scores of burnt out abbeys, courtesy of Henry VIII. This is probably the only French one.

    They've still got a bit of catching up to do!
  3. :rolleyes:
  4. What ...spattered in toxins
  5. They’ve scrubbed it with Cillit Bang. Don’t worry.
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  6. What not Mr Muscle.
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    You didn’t carelessly flick a fag out did you - that old timber can smoulder for over 30 years before igniting fully :eek:
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  8. And they didn't get blitzed in ww2 in Paris ....mind we were lucky not to have the houses of P and St pauls not wrecked .
    Having said that maybe the houses of parliament should have got blitzed as they are a load of people ignoring Dictators .
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  9. He used 3 21' tubes,strapped together as the first section for the uprights,apparently. Loads of em.
  10. The stained glass will be a challenge to re do . they may be able to trace some of the melted glass to make a match .
    Can't remember but there is one fantastic indigo blue colour where the mix formula was lost way back but it could be Chartres Cathedral or Rouen .
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  11. Very sad loss :(
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  12. At least the cheap and nasty LED strip lights survived :cool:
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  13. Can't we send @Geordie round to do those roof timbers? The French were very impressed by his Gypsy :thumbsup:
  14. I know a plumber who set his vehicle on fire because something fell in his van and ignited his blowtorch
    And set it ablaze :eek:
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    Amazing that people and large companies will pledge millions to fix a 'thing'* yet day to day won't help their fellow man.

    *appreciate the thing is significant, but the first live aid made approx £100m.....hundreds of millions are being apparently freed up overnight for this.
  16. I remember the cathedral being pretty dark and dreary inside, maybe instead of trying to restore to original, its an opportunity to bring some modern touches and brighten it up. Most buildings of that age would have had changes and additions over the years and probably suffered damage events and had repairs done.

    Good to see the rich pledging big money to help restoration, but they are only giving back some of the money they made avoiding tax.
  17. All covered by insurance surely?

    Meanwhile, the extremely profitable Vatican bank stays silent on the cost of rebuilding one of its houses...........
  18. Its a catholic church, its french.... i wont be contributing. Leave it in ruins as per coventry cathedral as a testament to the folly of employing cheap builders and spend the cash on something worthwhile. Or... get the Pope and his band of paedos to cough up for it. They can afford it!
  19. Catholics may find my previous post offensive!

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