Rocker Cover - Weeping

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Little Nellie, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. I thought it was Wendy Craig .
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  2. Randy old bugger that Shakespeare
  3. Status Quo- Sweet Caroline. ‘Are you keeping your love, sweet love’
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  4. I always get The Bard and Francis Rossi mixed up :rolleyes:
  5. William was the one with the tights and the telecaster
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  6. Thanks all. Combo of advice seemed to fix things.

    Move to 20w/50 oil, greased new gasket. Plus I found my remaining VW original rocker cover. Sanded it down/ degreased it, bent a corner back true where someone must have prised it of the in the past. Needed some real strength to pull the spring arm closed compared to the newer reproduction - so tighter fit. So now more weeping

  7. Another top tip is to put them on with the VW logo upside down, for some odd reason they often seal better that way up.
  8. Stupid question. I think. What happens if you use two gaskets one on tops of the other ... making it really tight ... like a gnats chuff .. anybody ever done it? Would cost an extra pound to test, so might be a rip off.
  9. Think I might have a bash at that - what thickness silicone did you use. Any particular type of silicone? Can you recommend a supplier please?
  10. It would be difficult to keep the second gasket aligned because it wouldn’t be trapped in the recess and you’d add a second leak path (between the two gaskets) and I doubt if the bail would stretch far enough to get over the cover.

    It’s better to fit a single good quality cork gasket and avoid the thin cheap as chips ones. Or better still use silicone gaskets. And of course the bails need to be in good condition.
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  11. I’m off work today , I will measure the thickness tomorrow ( I think it was 4mm high temp silicone)
    I will see if I kept the quote and company ...
    There is obviously a ton of waste laser cutting them .the ones you buy are moulded..
    I’ll see if I kept the DXF file as well
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