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  1. Hi all, just fitted my JK pushrod tubes. OMG they went in easily and no leaks. In shock!

    Of course, even after a battle, life is not that easy. So I have a weep on the rocker cover vertical, this weeps very slowly on top of the heat exchanger and causes a slight smoke, really only visible when stationary when hot and with a torch. Would this concern you???

    Anyway thought I’d try to fix this. Rocker cover is fairly new and cork gasket is brand new. I coated each side of the gasket in grease, but still a weep of oil (not grease)

    Any thoughts, must have been addressed by many over the years.

    Cork plus sealant????

  2. No sealant.

    I try bending the bales so it fits tighter ?
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  3. WHS:thumbsup:
  4. Didn’t use to coat mine in grease but I did put a smear of grease on the gasket and mating surfaces. Never leaked. Are they properly lined up?
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  5. Bending blades, that’s a new one. So bend in the short vertical side to I suppose plump the gasket up more in that area?
  6. Cork gaskets ftw every time :)
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  7. I put a smear of Wellseal on the gaskets not to stop leaks I just like the smell
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  8. I found that the bale arms had corroded and were thinner than original so less springy. New bale arms and Bugpak (less crusty looking ) repro valve covers, and it stopped leaking. I am of the school that puts a smear of gasket sealant between the cork/rubber cheapo gaskets and the rocker cover to stop it sliding sideways when its assembled for the first time. I also once had a cylinder head with a deep scratch on the top gaaket sealing surface which seeped until I sanded/planished it with a ball pein hammer, flattened it down a little.
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  9. If it’s a type 4, make sure the gasket - cork is fine - hasn’t become dislodged when fitting the cover.
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  10. The silicone gaskets in that eBay link are for a Type 1 engine; you need these for your Type 4:

    As far as I know C&C is the only supplier in Europe and they’ve been out of stock for quite a while.

    ‘Rocker cover is fairly new’ - how carefully did you inspect it? It won’t be as good as an original cover and will need care to get it leak free, it’s very easy to get one side slightly misaligned. I wouldn’t use sealant but if you must, only put it between the cover and the gasket – and never silicone sealant.
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  11. I made my own silicone gaskets .. never had a leak since
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  12. Do you want to make some more and sell them?
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  13. You must have excellent bladder control...
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  14. Not really ..I did get a quote to get some laser cut .... from memory they were. £20 a pair with a minimum order and it was too much outlay so I made a jig and scalpel and cut myself a set
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  15. Don't worry - nothing to cry about - so no weeping
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  16. Not touched mine since I got it. It doesn't leak a drop of oil at the moment but I know full well that it'll yellow snow out it I touch it.
  17. Wasn’t it Shakespeare who said

    “When I’m thinking of you sleeping
    I’m alone at home and weeping”?

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