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  1. Its all bullMarmite, same as global warming.. which they changed to Climate change and still claim the planet is warming while the sun is at a low level of activity and were actually on a cycle of global cooling... everything in moderation, Dying is easy it the living thats the hard bit..

    I knackered as I eat meat, take sugar, played on sheets of asbestos, sanded MDF didnt wear breathing apparatus when grinding,same when spraying isocyanates, and weed killer for that matter, I worked shift for 30 years, don't go to bed at a regular time , The good news is I dont have a mobile or a smart meter so I wont get brain cancer .. Ive also never taken prescription drugs which are probably a bigger killer than a bacon rolls...

    Have you also noticed the subliminal inclusion of veganism into the media ... and then this .. Its called social engineering ..
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  2. Cancer is a lottery.. if eating bacon rolls and processed food was the cause, how come old farts routinely live well into there 80s to become a burden while kids not old enough to have consumed enough processed food die with cancers before there old enough to buy a mcdonalds ?

    My old fella is 85, smoked 60 fags a day, worked as a lorry driver them a paint sprayer, never has he been one for exercise, eats meat, and has a taste for biscuits, takes milk and sugar in his tea, but has never had a single days illness ? meanwhile my old mum was carfull and liked her salads, died at 79 having had type 2 diabetes, and alzeimers .. mind you if you research it there seems to be a link between az and cholesterol lowering meds which she was also prescribed.. The NHS and corporate pharma will kill you well before bacon rolls

    there are only 2 sure things in life, Death and Nurses :)
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  3. Why ‘again?’, just wondering...
  4. Heres an irony. When we went to the states last year, we were only there for 2 weeks...but in all honesty, considering the busy places we visited, we only saw about a dozen ‘obese’ people...
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    I believe its was the invention of Lycra that caused this - it forms an exoskeleton for the lard of arse,
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  6. If it's said on the news will be jumped up panic bull .
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  7. I've a sign in the kitchen....Don't take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive.
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  8. Oooh, seen a few in my time. Major prob in the US.
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    Probably the industry’s they worked in. Our local industry was carpets and the amount of poisons in the dyes and production process was unbelievable. I think cigarettes causing cancer hid a lot of industrial based cancers too. Not saying fags didn’t cause cancer, but as a lot of people smoked back then they didn’t look much further than the fags!
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  10. I actually ment actual diagnosed cancer that is growing, we all know we’ve all got it .................... I know you’ve had personal experience which I hope is in remission .
    I do think certain types can be passed on to kin too , I have known several mothers and fathers who’s children have got same . :( We all know too much now , but I’m not convinced we can do much about it as we all have to eat and breath .
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  11. I think work did take its toll. Look at old 30s films of jobs on the railways, there don't seem to be any healthy-looking middle-aged folk in them, just youngsters and completely knackered looking blokes (who were probably in their forties).
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  12. And, of course... none of it’s due to pollution..
  13. The world was far, far more polluted in days gone by...
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  14. You are wrong. Wine is good for me this week, and next; and probably the week after!!! :)
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  15. How do you work that out? Yes,I know there was more pollution closer to the ground,but they never had so many passenger air buses,and cars,and jets,plastic,and...and...
  16. ... People...
  17. Nooooooooo don’t breathe errrrrrr
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  18. ron


    not all cooked food is processed - what we favour now a days for cooked meats are joints and chickens cooked in shop by butchers like crawshaws
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    Thank you for that, thats a nice thing to say - I am extremely lucky and thank god for the NHS, the only thing I would add is if you feel something is wrong, or goes on longer than it should with your health, keep going back to the doc - blokes especially are a shocker for this (I was effectively saved by a comment from a nurse when I was sent for an eye examination, she mentioned back pain - that one comment stirred me to go to the doc one last time (after 4 visits to the GP and an ultra sound session)).

    Back on thread - they have reclassified many tumours as cancer now, as the definition of mutation/unexpected growth covered a fair few growths/tumours that never came under the cancer banner, this, and better diagnosis by medical staff and patients themselves I suspect accounts for what feels like a sudden leap in risk of cancer numbers.

    Processed food contains many many ingredients designed to keep it on shelves longer - anti mould agents, preservatives etc....doubtful any of that crap is good for mind or body!
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  20. How very true indeed
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