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  1. and bowel cancer.
    Linked, apparently.

    It said on the news.

    Has it scared you enough to stop eating it yet?
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    Haven't eaten processed or frozen food for years....

    Fresh is in the ol days..
  3. Just made me think, as a lot of ‘camping menus’ seem to be bbq’s and fry ups. Not all of them, but a lot...
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  4. I think as with most things, in moderation you should be ok.
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  5. So why did so many of my grandparents generation die of heart disease and cancer? (Cancer wasn't actually mentioned, they were all just 'very ill')

    They grew fresh veg, bought fresh meat from a local butcher and served up smaller helpings, but they still cooked things in lard, ate dripping on toast etc.!

    Fresh food is definitely best, but the old days sentiment is a myth.
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    Personally I ignore all these scare stories and eat what I want. Anything in moderation.
    They make stuff up to suit their agenda.
    Look at red wine. Good for you 1 week, bad for you the next...
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  7. It’s all about balance isn’t it?
    I’m sure most of us will resort to a quick easy meal if we’re pushed for time, too tired to cook, skint, those kind of situations.... but it’s not all the time, and your body will cope with it for that reason.
    Make it your regular diet, you’ll probably suffer.
    Everything in moderation. It’s a balance.
  8. Processed foods including supermarket ready meals and Nestle cereals and so on are loaded up with SUGAR. Sugar is the enemy. Cut out sugar.

    Avoid any food in a can. It will be loaded with sugar and salt and preservatives.

    Try to eat mostly fresh, with daily fruits and veg.

    Occasional fry up or barbecue is ok but too many will cause acid stomach problems.
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  9. We're all going to die . . . Fact!!

    Might as well enjoy ourselves on the way!
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  10. Moons

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    I'm not able to qualify the survey but I do wonder what the questions asked were, e.g.

    1. Do you eat processed food?
    2. Have you had cancer?
    3. What sort?

    I'd like to know what the figures were between a negative answer for question 1, a positive for 2 and how many answered bowel cancer for 3.

    As a view people have posted, cancer has been prevalent through history, but we only really understood physiology for maybe 150 years and autopsy is relatively new.

    They also need to define 'processed'.

    Tap water is processed by definition, as is bottled unless the people answering 'no' to question 1 have their own freshwater Spring the survey is somewhat skewed.

    Most cancers are a lottery. Portion size and sugar are bad I would nominate.
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  11. Most men die with prostrate but with a lot it wasn’t that that killed them, I hate the word lost too many through it but as they say 1 in 2 these days , who hasn’t got it ?:( Worry n stress is a big one too . So they need to stop worrying people and stressing them too :mad:
  12. if you don't recognise it from a plant or animal don't eat it, , however, I'm seriously thinking of going organic again and eliminate all meat, but even farmed fish are fed alternative food
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  13. ^this. I suspect your genetic disposition, or just bad luck, has a far greater influence. I shall continue to eat Aunt Bessies.
  14. Moons

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    If you define cancer as a cell division that mutates, then all of us have it all the time.

    So we all have it.

    The flip point is when the immune sustem can't cope with the mutations, one gets through and the body ceases to fight it.
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  15. And definitely this^. We eat far too much sugar. Look at the lard-arses around today (allowing for a bit of age-related expansion ;)), compared with folk only a few decades ago. Face-stuffing also a factor.
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  16. All cooked food is processed.
    Not all raw fresh food can be digested if it is not processed.
    Mostly in the past bacteria from raw unprocessed foods and the environment killed before the cancer that somebody may also have had got a chance to kill.

    As for people who religiously filter tap water and so remove the chlorine and then keep the water and then get ill as the bacteria multiply. ...
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  17. The trouble with the whole ‘sugar is bad’ argument is that on the whole, the sweetness that sugar gives to food is something we as humans (western world at any rate) find rather nice.... so rather than have us turn our noses up at their product because it’s not quite palatable enough, manufacturers bung in artificial stuff. Try finding fruit squash these days with sugar in, its all loaded with artificial sweeteners. Same with lemonade. Red coke is frowned upon, but the diet stuff is appalling. Deserts, ice cream, you name it.... anything non savoury will probably have artificial junk in it.
    I’m not saying sugar is great, but it’s a natural product, and in moderation is not such a huge evil. I don’t sup fizzy drinks constantly, but I like tonic with my gin; an occasional glass of coke... nothing quite hits the spot like a proper can of coke maybe once a week. I have a small sugar in my tea, but not in coffee.
    Moderation. And cut out the artificial stuff, that’s a huge part of what our bodies aren’t coping with.

    (Ducks below parapet)
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  18. Just as a reminder, here's what folk used to look like in the late 60s. Compare them with the waddling lard-arses you see down the shopping mall these days...

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    What I mean about 'old days' is a time before rusing through life took over and we grab fast food or processed food which has its fill of preservatives and stabilisers and whatnot. A time when you knew what was in what you were eating.
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