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  1. i know most of you will say it's not needed but it's does make life easier and means I might be able to drink more beer if she can drive it :)

    So got an mgf colum, loom and ecu from a local scrapper. Cut it down and adapted the original colum to suit. And thus far it is as below with the motor mounted to the steering tube just under the lock mechanism


    I have just had these flanges laser cut, one that will mount to the motor and the other that will bolt through the floor over the original coupling cover. Between them will be some heavy duty tube which will be the main mounting for the epas unit. (Not copying anyone promis)


    Having a lower coupling been adapted to suit the mgf uj's then mechanically its done.

    Have a friend of mine making me some control circuits to give the ecu the to signals to run. Initially the torque of the unit with be controled with a pot until I work out how to use the actual wheel speed as it should be.

    Hoping to have trail run this week so any thoughts welcome ;)
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    Very ingenious, despite what others, including me, say, power steering does make it easier. I don't want it on mine as my wife may want to drive it then.
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  3. my thoughts are: if it works well and doesn't cost that much, keep the specs and dims for the adapters as other folk may well be interested in the same mod....Good Luck with it....hope it turns out....and in...of course:thumbsup:
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  4. Thus far I'm £90 in the hole:cool: yeah if it works yall know when I am.
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  5. Yeah they don't do one for an MG of the shelf but didn't wanna use a corsa unit as they're are huge and it will be seen.

    Was thinking of using a normal speedo cable with a magnet and reed switch to produce a signal.
  6. The corsa ones aren't so bad as you'd think when installed but that is very neat and tidy and looks like it'll be all but invisible.
    I'm watching with interest.
  7. me too...:thumbsup:
  8. Looking at where yours finishes on the steering column tongue and this Corsa one i cant see much difference in size?

  9. The mgf unit is a bit smaller and neater tbh, not a lot but still! I'm just waiting for my tube to come in then will offer it all up.
  10. Made mine out of exhaust tubing and my welding isnt the neatest :(
  11. I like nice round numbers so having so tube machined to size, so have you done the same then?
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  13. Interesting. I am looking to put power steering on mine(suffer neck arthritis) having seen some youtube promo on it a while back. First got to get the handling and everything else sorted though.
  14. where do you stand with insurance if you declare that you have a 'homemade' power steering system?
  15. Ahhh, as the van is still stuck on my drive i haven't done the final setting of the change over speeds yet :oops:
  16. As a Corsa is basically a Punto, are the motors the same also. If so there will be loads out there. will the CITY setting, that the Punto has work?

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