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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

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    That poor woman :eek:
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  2. That poor bus.

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  3. Saw the physio yesterday
    She reckons my groins more or less healed now
    The problems I have now are secondary due to limping and carrying that leg for so long.
    There’s a fair bit of muscle wastage in that leg aswell.
    I’ve been given a set of stretches to do a few times each day and I’ve to extend the distance of my walks gradually.
    Once the secondary problems have been sorted then work will commence on building the strength back and improving my balance.

    Happy days as I was getting worried I’d never be able to run again.

    It’s been the worst injury I’ve ever had so will be very mindful of how hard I push in training from now on
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  4. it gets worse as you get older
  5. Ouch! glad to hear the worst of it should be over. Just keep taking it easy for as long as you can, better that then repeating the damage.
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  6. I’m entered into a 10k race next may but hopefully I’ll be fixed with plenty of time left to train for it.
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  7. Such a ray of sunshine
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  8. you know how your bus fell apart at 40 that's how I feel
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  9. ah, not resting around for too long then! I'm still feigning incapacity from doing my back in 5 years ago, although the mrs has started convincing me to join her on 5k runs, I'm not a fan :eek:
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  10. My bus isn’t 40 yet lol
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  11. I find running very good for burning of stress and getting some head space.
    I didn’t realise how much it actually helped until I couldn’t run.
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