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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

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  2. Don't understand why it would go like that so quickly, it was fresh steel behind it so that wouldn't be corroding and pushing the filler out, bad batch of filler perhaps?
  3. Wow!how thick was the filler on that panel?!

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  4. It's a mix of a seam that wasent cleaned up/treated properly and primer/ filler that had soaked up moisture from the air.

    Normal primer and filler is porous so will hold moisture below the top coat until corrosion starts to bubble and push the filler away from the panel.

    Once it starts and cracks it let's more moisture in and carries on.
    When it first started I tried daubing ankor wax into the cracks to seal it from the weather to hold it back/slow it down
    Unfortunately it didn't work

  5. About 4-6 mm perfectly acceptable for the work that was done repairing that panel.
  6. I feel for you mate, you've had some bad luck with that van, I hope we get to see you behind the wheel of it again so it's all been worth it for you
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  7. It's a real bummer to have that happen,are you going to tackle it over winter or wait til the warmth returns.

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  8. I'll just try to keep the weather out over winter.
    It will need taking back to bare metal and that's just inviting trouble outdoors at this time of year.
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  9. filler can crack in the sun and pop and swell
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  10. That's normally if it's been applied to thick in one go.
  11. wow that's some shoddy:(:( body work feel sorry for you that van is fighting you all the time.
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  12. I really would get a decent cover for the winter ....
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  13. I had a jk one and it trapped more water underneath than it kept off.
    I've been looking at the Hamilton ones
    As good as they seem I can't afford the £236 they cost.
  14. I use a cover that I bought off amazon for £60,that never makes the van wet underneath but it's on a block paved drive not grass

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  15. Probably cheaper to make some kind of car port with sides.

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