Next Techenders 27 - 29th April 2018

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Baysearcher, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. I'll be there finishing what ever jobs Iv not done by then !!

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  2. Most people who turn up in a tent aren’t welding their van in it!!!! :hattip:
  3. Will be driven there all shiney and painted mate

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  4. Looking forward to it , wouldn’t mind learning how to tune up my type 4 engine

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  5. I can bring carb balencer ect for u

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  6. That would be great thanks Simon

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  7. I’m hoping there will be a couple of helpful souls experienced in solar panel installation... I’ve got the bits but no idea where to start. All help gratefully received.
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  8. Are you going to wait until it is hurling down before commencing any work this year?
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  9. Okey dokey.
    the 3 crispies.
    Need helpful advice doing rear inner donuts and will try and get gas dampers fitted on poptop.

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  10. I like solar, I'll help
  11. Thanks Matt!
  12. No fun doing it in the dry!!
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  13. davidoft

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    Pulling your windscreen out should be fun ;)
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  14. I'm not helping with that

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  15. No, no you're not!!
  16. It’s ok I’ve a special tool

  17. dog

    dog Administrator

    Are you going bud?
  18. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    Is that genuine :D
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  19. Must't rust
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  20. Hoping to but it depends on the outcome of some stuff during the week.
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