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  1. Thats why the VW world would be a boring place if everyone built their cars the same. ;)

    I'm keeping the original incase i fancy swapping it back, even though i've already had 3 people wanting to buy it.
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  2. Amazing what a little bit of black leather dye will do to a faded steering wheel. :)
  3. My new timing light arrived in the post so i had a go at setting the timing. 7.5*BTDC at idle. :thumbsup:
    2020-01-09 15.29.25.jpg
    When revved above 2500 revs the dizzy only advances to about 20*. Not sure if its the mechanical advance or the vacuum advance not working properly though. The plate moves when the vacuum pipe is sucked, though if you then put your tongue over the pipe it still drops back to where it started.
    Going by the smell of unburnt fuel its running really rich too. :(

    I love the sound of tapertips. Can't embed the video so a link will have to do.
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  4. Could be dodgy diaphragm on the distributor vacuum advance can, take the pipe off, plug it and see what the advance is then. I'm sure after all the other stuff you've done the pipe itself is sound but could be worth double checking
  5. The pipe is new but the vac can is the 50 year old original. It advances when the pipe is sucked but doesn't stay if you then put your tongue over the end. The one on my bay held if i did that. Seems the diaphram is bad. :(
    Its a vacuum only distributor (no centrifugal advance) only used between 68 and 70 so finding a good used can should be fun. They're £40+ new. They give about 10* more advance than the later vac cans.

    I think i'm going to replace the borrowed fuel pump with a new one and rebush the throttle spindle in the carb while i'm at it just to make sure everything is 100%.
  6. Do you have the Bosch number off the dizzy. I may have one.
  7. or I fitted a full new acuspark dizzy with electronic ignition for about £40. Used everyday for about three years so far.
  8. I'll have to remove the dizzy to get the number as it's on the backside out of sight. I took a piccy before I installed it but photobucket are now holding my piccies for ransom. :(
    I'm sure I wrote it down somewhere too.
    It's either 113 905 205T or 113 905 205M according to the info online. Specs say 32-35° vacuum advance.
  9. Just been out to the shed. I’ve got a large vac can vacuum advance only distributor with vw part number 111 905 205 AA. Or Bosch number 0 231 137 039.
  10. This dizzy has the code 111 905 205 T and 0 231 137 029 on the side. Dizzy is probably the same as theres no centrifugal advance mech in it. Couldn't find any code on the vac can though i think it should be a 07024 can with part number 113905271B. This one definately doesn't hold vacuum and the spare vac cans i have are all SVDA type that give only a 1/3 of the advance. :( 2020-01-11 14.21.24.jpg

    Received a retro looking Castrol sticker in the post this morning.
    2020-01-11 14.03.40.jpg
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  11. Received a couple of goodies in the post from CartuneVW.
    Badge for the centre of the horn push on my mountney wheel:
    2020-01-13 10.27.11.jpg
    Reproduction of a Safer Motoring magazines Friendly Drivers Club sticker.
    Safer Motoring.jpg
    Also received my new fuel pump today so i can return the one i borrowed off a mate.
  12. Received a dizzy in the post this morning. Its part number suggests its a service replacement for 66-67 type 1, 2 and 67 type 3. According to the Bosch distributor tune up parts manual its 07017 vac can advances 25* vs 32-35* the 07024 one on my bug does (if thats indeed what they are as theres no codes anywhere). 50+ years of use and it could be anything now.
    Fitted the new pump and dizzy and set static timing at 7.5*BTDC but haven't had a chance to run it with the strobe attached to do dynamic timing yet.
    2020-01-15 16.20.23.jpg
  13. Found this list showing the vacuum advance curve of both the old dizzy (part number at the top of the list) and the one i received today (number at the bottom). Looks like they are both the same which is not what Bosch say in their later tune up list. :confused:
  14. 82974123_10157458536595100_8376031442404114432_o.jpg
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  15. 2020-01-17 12.12.12.jpg
  16. Set static timing at 7.5*BTDC after i'd replaced the points as the ones in the dizzy i was given were missing the contact on one side so never closed. She started on the first turn of the key afterwards, though i still need to adjust the mixture a little i think.

    Gonna make myself an underdash shelf like this, though maybe solid instead of mesh.
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  17. Thinking of adding some fog lamps under the bumper like this if i can find some that aren't all plasticy as its a bit bare under there.
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  18. Couldn't get it to idle once the choke had come off. Anything less than 2000 revs and it'd stall so i couldn't check the timing with a strobe or adjust the mixture either.
    No vacuum leaks anywhere. Turned out to be a teeny tiny piece of fluff (about the size of one thread on a microfibre cloth) blocking the idle jet/shut off solenoid. :rolleyes:
    Once cleaned and reassembled it runs nicely and quite happily sits at 850-900 revs and also doesn't stall anymore when the throttle is snapped shut. :)
    Timed it at 7.5*BTDC at idle with the vacuum hose disconnected and plugged, and with it connected and revved it advances nicely upto around 30*BTDC.
    Seems to pull OK and return to an even idle so i'll leave it like that for now and just take a 10mm spanner out with me next time incase i need to do some slight adjustment.
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  19. I've wanted one of these tyre pressure gauges (as seen in this 1968 vw accessory catalogue) just because it looks nicer than a modern LCD digital one.
    My mate Jeremy bought me this one for Christmas. :cool:
    Tyre pressure gauge.jpg

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