Love thy neighbour

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  1. A very popular show in the 70s with over 17 millions viewers,
    per episode I seem to remember that the joke was always on the white fella at the end, We watched it so did my black mate Neville, he used to call me honky lol, anyone else admit to watching it ?
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  2. Yes. There was nothing wrong with it in those days.
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    I had a blind date with the white guys daughter,how about that for a tenuous link
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  4. Wasn’t there an Australian version :thinking:
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  5. I watched it. It was very popular. I seem to remember the white bloke always getting his comeuppance, but I’d have to see it again to see if it was just offensive. Then again, Til Death Do Us Part was also probably very near the knuckle most of the time.
  6. @monkeyvanwestybike “Sons and neighbours next door to the young doctors in cell block H” wasn’t it? Very popular in the 80s
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  7. Anyone Remember mind your language?
  8. And an American version
  9. More of an On The Buses fan meself :thumbsup:
  10. :)
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  11. To be honest most programmes comedy back then were having a dig at someone, I thought it was funny. As mentioned the Honkey always got the raw deal lol. Someone will always whine and gripe about something hence our Marmalade jars are now lacking ! Poor little snowflakes !
  12. Spot on:thumbsup:
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  13. The black fella plays Patrick in Eastenders, but he’ll always be the black man in love thy neighbour to me :thumbsup:
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    This is tongue in cheek yes?
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  15. Used to love it as a kid.
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  16. It ain’t arf hot mum would be considered very non pc these days as well. Bloody funny though.
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  17. Even Grange Hill.

    Times were very different then. I’m glad we’ve moved on from the 70s casual racism. I can’t understand forming an opinion on someone purely based on skin colour. Seems utterly bonkers to me. I prefer to target my hatred a lot more carefully these days.
  18. He’ll always be PC Gladstone in The Thin Blue Line to me :thumbsup:
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  19. I forgot he was in that
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  20. Till death us do part :D
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