Looking underneath - a cautionary tale

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by zedders, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Can't see pics Zedders!!!
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    Both the pictures and the poster have gone!
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    Have a word with @davidoft. His mate is selling one hell of a collection.
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  4. gone but not forgotten
  5. Thanks! Yes I'm in touch with Barry and hoping to go down and have a look at his collection when I'm back from holiday!

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  6. Don`t be TOO greedy .... :D

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    Go and look at Barry's collection, there isn't a tarted up one amongst them they're all original apart from one westy that's had a very good resto.
  9. I'm looking to buy my first van, I do have a '71 MGB roadster, so I do have some knowledge of what rot looks like, I've been sent these photos of a van that is someway from where I live, can anyone see anything here that should be be ringing alarm bells?

    13.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 27.jpg
  10. charlies van car 025.JPG charlies van car 013.JPG charlies van car 025.JPG charlies van car 013.JPG charlies van car 025.JPG

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  11. thats restored
  12. 22F00280-71AE-4958-BD13-8A6692735954.jpeg 027E3280-75DF-459D-AA0A-2D571D47416F.jpeg 7A42EDE7-84CF-42B3-BEF0-1C13ABEA9AB0.jpeg 79689B19-C063-4B16-91AA-F7D375605074.jpeg

    Perhaps get someone who knows more than me to have a look at these areas

    If you wanna know what a good one looks like then obviously look above and also at johnluke666 advert in classifieds. That’s a nice underside.
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  13. 241E0594-4501-46A0-B4FB-5D1ED4B1DA23.jpeg
    This welding looks a bit industrial
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    The inner and outer sills look pretty gnarly, and there is some evidence of shonky welding hidden by underseal on the jacking points etc... depends how much its up for really.. if its cheap enough, buy it and fix it.
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    Its certainly not a £19k van...
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