Late bay Gti conversion

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  1. [​IMG]

    Used this time to play with the mount (a reversed and altered t25 diesel mount) to raise the nose by 25mm


    Then banged/cut my head on my new towbar so went inside for a little cry

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  2. Engine and different box back in, hopefully for the last time.

    Started her up and she purred once again.

    So time to play with a scoop


    Folded alloy will be screwed straight to radiator flanges.

    Used draught excluder strip to seal the edges


    Fitted in place


    Not a lot of clearance but I’m still looking at raising the van another 2”.

    Feels sturdy enough, time (and speed humps) will tell

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  3. Front view

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  4. Attempted to jack the front up a bit more to gain some clearance for the scoop.

    Have adjusted my beam up as far as I can and swapped from short shocks to standard


    Didn’t achieve much, think the less stiff shocks have actually lowered it again...

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  5. Still, had a good outing today with the scoop fitted.

    Did a good 10 miles of dual carriageway in anger - pushing to 70 and beyond (slightly), and bearing in mind it’s 25 degrees today the water temperature sat at just over 80 degrees.

    Will be interesting to see how it operates fully laden and towing on a run

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  6. Had a week of commuting to work, including being sat in traffic for 20 minutes on the way home yesterday.

    As long as the van is moving, the scoop keeps it nice and cool (may be too cool), and only needed the fans putting on after being sat for 10 mins stationary.

    Very pleased thus far, though some rattles have appeared and the replacement gearbox synchromesh in starting to crunch slightly.
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