KUK - 1974 (Scoo - Bay - Blue) Aussie Van's Restoration & Subaru 2.2 conversion

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  1. 1974 Australian import RHD not a lot of rust but loads of bodges and poor repairs !
    Mainly needs money and or time spent on it, like most "Good things in life"

    First job -Replace front headlights, indicators and rear lights due to corrosion, cracks leaks and not working correctly due to bodged wiring. (Almost done)

    Second job, - Rear bumper was held on by two loose bolts and a brazed bit of angle iron ?
    needless to say two of the main bolts had been sheared off one of the welded nuts loose and two of the other bolts missing.

    more photos to follow tomorrow !
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  2. Like you say, money and time is all that's needed, hope it isn't to bad :hattip:
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Flakey

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    Yay that's better, can actually see it now :D
  5. [​IMG]

    Getting the hang of it now !
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. The odd looking "Earz" came from an Australian outback found on an abandoned vehicle used to assist in more air flow, odd but part of its history !
  9. tidy looking bus dude!
  10. Near Miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( FIRE )

    Thought I would get her running today found a problem with the starter motor, the solenoid was loose and the nut off actuator arm missing ?
    Tightened the screws and replaced the missing nut.
    Charged the battery and she started after a while, thought I would check for any other problems !
    Good job I did !
    Fuel leak from petrol pipe on LHS carb tried tightening clamp but that made it worse then found pipe on RHS also leaking !!!!!!!!!!
    Time for some new pipes I think.
    Lucky escape as I had not yet fitted the automatic fire extinguisher.
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    Well done for spotting the problem. Nice looking van, I like the stripes down the sides.
  12. The stripes unfortunately are stick on things that have also been carefully cut to fit (Not) with a rusty pair hedge cutters or something similar if you look at the ends close up you will know what I mean. !
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    All the best buses are from Aus, good work!
    Must be a pig to steer with that tiny wheel?
  14. I have brought an original steering wheel to fit at some point!
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  15. Nice bus

    Aussie rules.. :chewie:
  16. are you keeping the ears?

    do Aussy buses just have one wiper?

    nice bus...:thumbsup:
  17. Yes I'm keeping the earz.

    No they have two, I couldn't find another stainless to match the original so brought two black ones.
    Seems the stainless ones are are quite rare.
    I see your wipers sweep the wrong way !
  18. Looks like the same earz on my van except they had been painted white to match.

    Did you get any history?
  19. Previous owner lived in Australia used it to do the whole camping in the outback thing etc, I think he had it for about 12 years then when he moved to Wales brought the Kombi over with him.
    Earz were found on some abandoned rusty or damaged roadside wreck in the outback or so the story goes and added to assist in cooling.
  20. Near miss No 3 (Fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Following the fuel pipe near disaster I treated her to a new set of plugs, only to find on starting her up petrol was coming out of the RHS carb body middle gasket when enrichment pump squirts !!!!!!!!!, luckily I had a spare gasket so sorted that out, I would of taken a photo but with petrol dripping on the exhaust was a bit dangerous ! (sorry Guys)
    Then - New Horror - following a very worn and sloppy fan belt I fitted a new one that made strange odd noises only when I revved up, no noise on tickover ?
    Not sure what was going on feared the worst that there was some sort of mechanical fault revved it up again anyway then the noise stopped, fan belt then decided to ping off the pulleys.
    It then became clear that a new bodge was discovered someone put the alternator pulley on back to front ?
    I should of had noticed when I put the belt on !
    That does explain why the old belt was thin and loose.



    I could have gone for the spot the difference competition !

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