Is this spring normal?!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Jonboy_t, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Doing a few bits to try and tighten up the throttle and have been looking to replace the below spring, but it doesn’t seem to be a normal part!! Is this a previous owner bodge up or am I looking in the wrong places?!


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    I thought this was a weather posting tbh....I was going to mention being sunburnt in March, snowed out in April some years.
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  3. Yes I think that spring is normal stock. It is not made out of liquorice but rusty metal in a VW bus.
  4. Amazingly, it is original. Bit of an afterthought by VW, I think. Dunk it in some phosphoric acid (or even white vinegar) to get the rust off.
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  5. Ta very much :). It’s not just the rust on it that’s a problem, it’s really floppy so the whole throttle linkage isn’t very tight. I’m gonna swap the linkage for one of Buttys jobs and change the carb springs for new ‘uns too, just wandering if it’s worth swapping that at the same time or even if it’d be necessary with those changes.
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    its meant to be really loose , just enough to pull but not enough to make it hard to press the pedal
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  7. Knicker elastic? Might work.
  8. Not enough material on the type I wear to stretch that far.
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  9. @Barry Haynes may have a pair of 1970s briefs you could try...
  10. I’ll have a look- you know what picture is coming,one for @Kkkaty and the rest of my fans
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  11. Here it is, like these @snotty
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  12. It might be a £10 note you don’t know what clubs he’s been frequenting :eek:
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  13. Keeps the "small change" round the front
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  14. i feeelllll SICK!
  15. :eek::eek::eek: Back to the spring. Mine is the same as that. It’s only a light tension spring to help keep the throttles shut. If you want to tighten it a bit cable tie some of the coils together.
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  17. :eek: Have you got a note ?
  18. You know you like it really :thumbsup:
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