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  1. Have got a 1979 bay when will it be tax excempt.
  2. 2018/19 depending on when it was built.
  3. Actually was made 14 feb 1980 or registered then.
  4. I'd guess 2020
  5. Sound does it still apply because heard was stopping it.
  6. The last time the Labour government came in in 1996 they stopped the 25 year rolling historic tax. The coalition have now reinstated it to 40 years - picking up where it would have been in 1996.So if a new government come in next year - expect the 40 year one to stop at 1975!
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    The greedy government don,t go on years ie 40 years but on date ie pre 74 which is announced in the budget in april
  8. So what about the mot are they changing this to 30 years ? Ive not seen anything about it for a bit

  9. Ah yes but 1974 is tax free from Jan 2015 and then rolling on - unless there is a change in government. MOT is exempt for pre 1960 and Europe is trying to bring in for 30 year old vehicles - but not there yet. All part of a plan to get old vehicles off the road and sell more new cars.
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    apologies forgot they changed it last year :cool:
  11. Also when your van becomes exempt, as in the case with my 1974 bay, you then have to register it as a historic vehicle to the dvla. Otherwise you still get charged at the post office
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    Hopefully the no MOT rule for vehicles more than 30 years old will never happen.
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    it would give me less to do at techenders in april lol
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    Nah, you'd do the work anyway.
    Unfortunately there are plenty of people around who wouldn't.
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    In around £1200 cost to you time.
  16. I am one...:thumbsup:

    I think every vehicle should have tax ,the older ones should pay more ,the government who first brought it in would think twice in this climate.. ... :hattip:

  17. In fact DVLA contacted me when my paid for tax expired in July ( it became tax exempt in April) - but if you want to do it at the post office and your tax is about to expire then yes - go on line and fill in the required forms. If you pay the tax, say at the end of this month for 6 months - and your vehicle becomes tax exempt on Jan 1st - the DVLA will refund you ---eventually.
  18. The roll forward each year takes effect on April 1st, not Jan 1st. Its just that it will apply to vehicles manufactured/registered before Jan 1st of the year of cut off (1974, etc).
  19. So just trying to work it out - I have a 1975 ex-California import, running on appropriate plates (N reg) - when will that be tax exempt - Jan next year??
  20. Looking at my M plate decoder I printed off online a few years ago it says
    Planned production date 23 may 1976
    Which means I will have to wait an extra year as the date for tax free runs from 1st of April
    If I was to get a birth certificate or what ever you call it from VW would there be any chance they made it earlier than planned??

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