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  1. Or re reading what babybirmingham said maybe it dosnt matter?
  2. PIE


    Last time the labour got in they said that vintage cars were for rich people and binned it.
  3. So what does it look like is going to happen to the MOT exempt status? I'm interested because the legislation is changing over here (Ireland) and it looks like they want to mirror what is done in the UK. Currently cars over 30 years don't need an MOT/NCT but they are suggesting moving that to pre 1960. I don't want a vehicle that won't pass the test, but it's a pain, half a day and €80 every year.
  4. the government boffins are nuts, its little wonder the country is in the nick its in financially, Free road rent is pointless. Sure its nice to have it but coupled with MOT exemption your heading down a slippery slope to vehicile usage limitations ... One day in the future you could just see the powerd that be use the classic car communities own argument that there vehicles are used infrequently and legislate for limited useage in return for FREE tax and MOT exemption... coupled with limited mileage policies its a drip feed to legislated limited use..

    It would be better to pay the tax but on a scale similar to modern cars. OK we could never ever get the low emmissions of a modern computer controlled engine, but we have the lower use argument , we do 3000 miles per year ( hypothetical number for demo purpose) so that vehicle pollutes less, so a small engine up to say 2000 cc pays £25 per year and larger more luxuary classics pay proportionally more..upto a maximum of £100... lets face it someone with a 5 million pound ferrari wont miss £100 a year.. but Its still an income to the tax man and in some way actually supports the classic car movement...

    As for MOT exempt , considerin the number of dodgy Camper vans alone MOT exemption is a seriously bad idea. Lots of owners are trying to run there scrap on a shoe string, no MOT would simply encourage some to chance it.. Not good for the consumer either, look at some of the vans that have tickets and been purchased for serious money only to be rendered scrap months later... Construction and Use legislation wont help anyone who purchased a bodged up banger

    That's my tuppence worth :hattip:
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  5. I think the MOT is a good thing, most people only fix their cars when the MOT pics up faults or they break down. The place I go are very strict and every year I challenge them to fail it. This means that the bus is always tip top. :)
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  6. Where do you go Chris? Somewhere around Swansea?
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  7. I go to Pontlliw MOT, I know some very lenient places but I don't bother with them. :)
  8. Fair play - I go to my local garage in the Bont and challenge the guy each time to fail it. I always get right in there to have a butchers when its on the lift too, better than scrambling on your back
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