Hiccup...Pertronix 1 maybe..??

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by theBusmonkey, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Awesome, across the terminals was 3ohms so everything dandy.
    I've just run down from east of Lincoln to the outskirts of Notts, various speeds and loads, with nothing untoward. I'm not unduly concerned as it is what it is.
    Having had so much grief off the syncro over the last couple of years I'm hardened to the whims of these old machines....not!:eek:
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  2. Have exact quirk on the same setup. Cannot make it do it and happens when it feels like it. It sometimes happens not long after cold start up and then runs ok for ages and many cold start ups. Decided its another quirk to live with.
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  3. Mmmmm. I still carry the points and condenser and a timing light. We had always planned to have a spare Pertronix but that just seems excessive. I like stuff I can see working. Points I can adjust, electronic ignition either works or not...
    Of course it may not be that causing the pulse, it just seems coincidental I make the 'upgrade' and we get this hiccup that we haven't had in the last 11 years..:thinking:
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  4. Back to points and see what happens then.
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  5. I have the same issues mines 1.8 Fi still have original ign. System, have replaced points ,condenser, rotor, dizzy cap, leads, coil, fuel filter , fuel pump, reset timing checked vac pipes & connections . Normally runs great but ittermitently has this hiccup and sometimes holds back and surges . Really frustrating
  6. The other thing you may be getting with FI is the airflow sensor may be developing a wear spot around cruising RPM.

    Simply drive round higher mountains or the Dead Sea and the change in air density will move the problem to a different RPM ;)
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