Hiccup...Pertronix 1 maybe..??

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  1. Fitted the vac can kit a while ago to our type 4, 2.0l injection.
    The dissy is old and a little worn and I was finding I was resetting the points more and more regularly.
    Anyway, all good until the last few hundred miles.

    Chip has developed the odd hiccup habit. Driving along, usually in fourth steady 50 to 55 mph every now and then he'll misfire. It's as if everything shuts down for a half second. It might happen a couple of times in quick succession, then nothing for days.
    All the connections, earths, leads, etc are good and I suspect ignition rather than induction because it's an abrupt hiccup rather than a stuttery fuel starvation type hiccup. I'm sort of certain its not the ignition switch but will do the old diagnosis rounds until I find the problem.
    Step one will be reverting to points and condenser and see what happens but just wondered if anyone else has had this type of symptom prior to electronic ignition failure:confused: or has any other experience of this type of issue?
  2. Have you had chance to check the air gap between the Pertronix sensor and the receivers? In mine they provided a paper feeler gauge, if the gap is out there might not be enough signal to trigger the ignition as it get warm and expands etc.
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  3. Had similar with mine just after the regulator failed and I was getting too many volts
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  4. Good shout, I'll have a quick poke this morning. It's odd though that this 'pulse' is irregular and not reproducible. I'd expect an incorrect setting to give a regular effecto_O
  5. I'll check the charging system while I'm in there as well to make doubly sure there's no odd voltages affecting the coil etc:thumbsup:
  6. The coil itself could be breaking down under load, or heat.
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  8. Strange things happen when the electronic ignitions get too hot. The Accuspark kits include thermal grease for putting under the module onto the moving plate.
    As the Pertronix actually seems to behave the same electrically as the Accuspark in terms of voltage drop when the 'points are closed' they both will produce the same heating..

    I had one Accuspark act as a hard rev limiter just before total failure. It was doing a good vroom- Bang! effect. Below 3000 rpm it was great ...

    I would also look for loose connections.. and places where wire cores have snapped where they leave crimps. Try pulling the ends off. If they come off .. replace them:)
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  9. Module gap spot on at .85mm
    I'm running a temp earth from the body of the distributor to the busbar in the engine bay just to eliminate any resistance issues.
    Whilst I'm there I'll check the resistance of the coil @F_Pantos
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  10. You've got a hatch, I now have hatch envy..... :(
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  11. Not got my book handy, but does anyone know the range of resistance for the type 4 inj coil?
    Centre terminal to terminal 15
    That looks high, but i may be wrong..
    @F_Pantos , @mikedjames

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  12. Battery terminal voltage 14.4 - 14.3
    With engine running. I run a solid state voltage regulator so all good.
  13. I would agree, think it should be half that, I think?
  14. It should be a bit less, more like 4 ohms. Check your zero . Touch the probes together and subtract that reading from the one for the coil.

    I would also check the grounds on the injection system.
  15. davidoft

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    I broke down once, I had a flat tyre could be that, have you kicked them
    all systematically ?
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  16. Primary should be about 3ohms

    Secondary should be about 8 kohms and that is what you are measuring there so coil is good.

    Have you checked the earth's and it's connections underneath the inlet plenum?
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  17. Travelling down now to the marina so we'll see how it goes.
    Thanks all...
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    Wd40 everything be good as new
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  19. Have you checked the earth's and it's connections underneath the inlet plenum?[/QUOTE]

    This caused me to have a full breakdown once.
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  20. i put contact paste on every connection of the FI and it made a noticeable difference.
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