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  1. Has anyone ever had a full length chassis fabricated or where you can buy as one piece? there is that many bits that could do with being done i'm just wondering if its easier to replace the 2 main chassis rails? think thats what they are called.

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  2. sorry worth mentioning i took a pic using panoramic so pic looks very wonky. it's not wonky!
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  3. I do not think it will be ,up to the rear axle looks straight forwards ,but after that looks a nightmare ,plus sagging issues having no support etc..
  4. @davidoft has done it.
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  5. I never said it could'nt be done...;)

    Is that your home made jacking point?
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  6. Which home made jacking point? I see 3. :)
  7. The boxyest..:D
  8. It's probably for the best not to have jacking points if there's nothing above them.
  9. that is why I like the "all in one" idea...

    Jacking points are nothing, but cosmetic...
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  11. I've just done it, there fairly straightforward to make yourself if you have the tools and know how. I replaced every bit of chasis practically from the front jacking points backwards! check my resto thread and you'll see some of the stages. happy to offer advice.
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  12. @davidoft thanks for the link that exactly what i want someone else to do for me :)
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    Nice work isn't it?, I have done a few more since then :D
  14. @davidoft so it that your work on prototype?! where did you get the main chassis rails? did you make them?
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  15. prototype = prototype
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  16. huh?! early blah bay. why does it keep saying prototype?
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    Yeah it's my work, I had them made by a local engineering firm
  18. i dont suppose you'd disclose costs? or mail me. i could really do with these but it depends on cost. very tidy job
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    It was a long time ago, I don't remember the cost but it wasn't outlandish, I could ask him, but getting it to you could be expensive due to the length, though if you're happy to weld it maybe it could be made in 1.25m lengths to make it cheaper to post
  20. im definately interested thanks

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