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What’s the best fuel hose to use?

  1. Gates - feels like great quality but only available in 5mm or 6mm ID.

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  2. Advanced Fluid Solutions 100% - right size at 5.5mm

  3. Goodridge 5.5mm available from usual suspects. Probably rubbish.

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  4. Halfords stuff on the shelf below air filters

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  5. Cordan

  6. Goodrich steel braided

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  1. Apologies - I know this is the most talked about subject second only to ‘which oil?’, but it’s time to change the fuel lines again. I did lots of research on the last set I fitted two or three years ago (R9, ethanol in fuel etc) but they still haven’t lasted and now have the beginnings of longitudinal cracks.

    It’s a Type 4, running on original PDSIT Solexes, so 5.5mm ID hose is needed.

    So, what’s best?
  2. Dubs

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    Good luck with this thread!

    Il start the controversy.... Codan stuff from JK has never split for me. But I do make sure it's away from hot bits (as far as is possible anyway)
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  3. There's still some R6 stuff between filter and electric pump in engine bay and also on to pressure regulator... from memory would have been from Heritage 4 years ago.......still fine.
    Changed to Gates for everywhere else, but used 6mm and does look squashed around clips.
    I think route of pipework is a big factor in its deterioration.
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  4. Don't go there!
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  5. Gates R7 off the reel down your local motor factors. Works for me. 6mm and 8mm.
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  6. Goodridge stainless braided - saw how crispy plain hoses go in a fire..
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  7. Advance fluid solutions. You’ll pay £££ but worth it.
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  8. Well, thank you everyone - two votes for Gates, one for Advanced Fluid Solutions, Codran, Coline Goodridge and whatever JK serve up. Not much in the way of consensus there then.
    I’d love to go for Gates, but the size bothers me. I really just want to do a push fit on all the breather connections, so I think 6mm will be too sloppy.
    Going to have to make a decision... hmmm.. AFS it’s is.

    Cheers all
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  9. CODAN R9 5.6mm is good and so far no deterioration after 3 years.
  10. What size Rich 6mm or 8mm from fuel pump (electric) to fuel filter then to carbs ??
  11. Tank outlet’s likely to be 5.6mm, but true 6mm (not 1/4”) should clamp up nicely. If you’ve got ICTs, I’d say 8mm, but best to measure up (my Dells are 8mm). Can use the filter as an adapter, or get a blue nylon Tefen adaptor from fleaBay.
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  12. Top man:thumbsup:
  13. So on the subject of all things fuel
    I've just unearthed my fuel breathers and filler tube.
    1. Who ever says you can do the job with just using the paint lid as access is a dirty fibber.......
    2. 40 year old breather pipe can grow mushrooms. 20190717_185623.jpg

    The 90deg rubber connection had completely gone

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  14. If you want to measure it all I will do it in the morning.
  15. 5.6 codan won't fit on the breathers above the tank I've just been trying so 6mm it is
  16. Did you soak the ends in warm water?
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  17. Not yet thats Tommorow ;)
  18. Just had my Halfords 5.6mm r9 injector hoses off which are 2 years old. They look good as new.

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