Fuel hose consensus

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What’s the best fuel hose to use?

  1. Gates - feels like great quality but only available in 5mm or 6mm ID.

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  2. Advanced Fluid Solutions 100% - right size at 5.5mm

  3. Goodridge 5.5mm available from usual suspects. Probably rubbish.

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  4. Halfords stuff on the shelf below air filters

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  5. Cordan

  6. Goodrich steel braided

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  1. I see Halfords are stocking fuel hose again but on a shelf below filters rather than above. Sold as FI hose. Works OK for while. Acceptable as breathers, lasts a lot longer, because its not permanently soaked in petrol..
  2. The fuel vapour pipes that sit above the tank are 7.2mm according to my gauges.
  3. Totally agree,
  4. FAF6B5F7-14A0-48E0-B4E1-582F6F3F0ABB.jpeg Jeepers - the old ones were worse than I thought - and that was with the supposedly ethanol resistant R9 hose.
    I have been checking them, but not well enough I feel and a bit of a lucky escape.

    When was the last time you checked yours?

    Replaced with Cohline 100% resistant hose from AFS.
  5. Why is fuel line only lasting a few years on the vans but new vehicles fuel lines last forever ?.
    Shouldn't we buy whatever ford or BMW etc are using.
  6. VW where using FPM rubber fuel hoses from the late 80s, but most vehicles now use polyamide fuel lines, the only rubber is in the couplings.
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  7. One reason I went with Goodridge 200 nitrile hose was this from their website:

    "Goodridge 200 Series hose is the premier stainless steel braided nitrile hose. designed for use with a wide range of re-usable aluminium hose ends and provides essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risks and chafing. It is constructed of a seamless synthetic CPE inner with an integral stainless steel braid and a high tensile stainless steel outer braid and has the highest corrosion and fire resistance threshold of any stainless braided nitrile hose available. Can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuels, oils, coolants and alcohols including methanol and nitromethane."
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  8. Are special fittings required or do you use hose clips with the Goodridge stuff?
  9. You should use special fittings but I used pain, blood, swearing and standard hose clips. Trick is to pull back the stainless outer to get the nitrile hose over barbs then pull the outer back over the barb and tighten the clamp.
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  10. Think I will certainly do the tank to filter and filter to pump pipes, because they are the ones that are hardest to check.

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