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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terrordales, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Didn't even shake his hand. Bellend.
  2. Still not. Been in the same room for two mins.
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    Paddy Lowe: "I need to think about it "when BBC ask if there will be consequences for HAM disobeying orders.

    There bloody well should be consequences
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  4. Moved away as soon as possible after photo!!!
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  6. I personally think it was good tactics by Hamilton. The constructors title wasnt resting on it. Hamilton was doing what he could to try and win.

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  7. It'll be interesting to see what Lauda and Wolf have to say about Hamilton disobeying a direct order.
  8. I agree 100%, there was little point in Lewis driving off into the distance, it would have gifted the title to Rosberg anyway. It made the race pretty compelling viewing as well!
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  9. I can agree with some of the points but Hamilton was just being a total "Richard Cranium" I hope, but it will not happen that Mercedes have the sphericals to sack him.
    And as for not congratulating Rosberg well it says it all
    Never did like Hamilton arrogant the spoilt brat.
  10. Great end to the season. I've no problems with Lewis' race, if he caused crash or intentionally run someone of the road then, yeah that's a problem. But, he's managed the race from the front, as they've done to such dull effect so many times before... this time he's just tried to manage it for his own benefit. Reckon he could have done another 50 laps on the fuel he saved!

    I think it also shows that Rosberg can race in the pack... as has been a criticism in the past! But fair play, he made the best of the circumstances.

    I've often suggested that introducing artificial circumstances to F1 helps the racing. Maybe Bernie should have a button to turn down the leaders engines, next to his rain button!

    Would have preferred a British winner :)

    Jenson's post race was funny... didn't give a monkeys about the DNF and subtly took the Michael out of rumours he was doing F1 presenting next year and starting a Rally x team with Webber! So much less sanitised than his normal media engagements! One might even suspect he'd had a little tipple :)

    Here's to 2017... hope it brings the promised improvement in racing and an English winner (manufacturer or driver)!
  11. A poor race,
    Even when the guy leading the race slows down..

    It still was a boring last 5 laps with the commentator trying to make it exciting..:rolleyes:

    Last race of the season,
    Mansell,Prost ,Senna ,hill and Schumacher would not have performed that badly..
    A good sport tuned down..:(
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  12. I'm sure i read somewhere before the race that the team weren't going to interfere between them
  13. Can't agree with Hamiltons petulance after the race but as far as the race goes i wonder if rosberg would have done something similar, i suspect he would and it shouldn't come as a big surprise to the team as its this determination to win combined with a good car that probably has these two way ahead of the field in the first place
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  14. Channel 4 caught Lauda after the race and with his company hat on he berated Hamiltons performance. He wouldn't be drawn on what he would have done 30 odd years ago... Just toed the party line!
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  15. Ham went over to Ros and shook his hand before they went up to the pre- podium room.
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  16. Anyway just booked Barcelona for 2017, cheap as chips £300 includes 3 nights camping 20% discount till tomorrow
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  17. Didn't see that. Oops.

    I was with Hamilton during the race, just not after. He was probably just gutted. I know I would've been.
    The boy can drive, he was let down by the car this year.

    I would totally have done it like Ham did. You've got to try!?
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  18. No not really - bloody minded racer I would say
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  19. I would bet that Rosberg would do exactly the same thing - he has been prepared to take Hamilton out at every opportunity
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  20. Yep - I was glad to see that - he gave a pat on the back and a hand shake just after getting out of his car. I know he was yellow snowed off when he clearly should have won the crown - but I do think he should have been a bit more cheerful in the pre- podium room.
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