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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Terrordales, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. To be honest nico should of tryed to overtake Hamilton he had nothing to lose as if he took him out he would of still won
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  2. In 2002 i went to the british gp on race day and had to camp in a tent the night before on Northampton towns training pitch. The year after for the same price we got a full weekend ticket for the spanish gp easy jet flights and 5 nights in a youth hosel. The british GP is a rip off.
  3. I blame Bernie.
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  4. My thoughts exactly .
    Hamilton has proved time after time he can beat Rosberg , as others have said he was unlucky with the car .
    As for yesterdays race , i haven`t bothered watching it but from what i hear it made interesting TV as Ham backed Ros into the other drivers hoping they`d have a stab at him. Nothing wrong with that , it`s been going on for decades and is called `race craft`. Dunno what was said over the radios but i believe Ros wanted Ham to let him through , was told to do so and it never happened . They`re supposed to be racing ffs . Are they paid to race or obey team orders ?

    Another nail in the Grand Prix coffin . Might as well pitch up at a local club meeting to watch some real racing where everyone is trying on every bend .
    Sure , GP racing is a spectacle , but the question i`ll ask is it REALLY racing ... OR ... just a glorified parade of the latest technology and well paid drivers / principles /teams just riding the gravy train ??

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  5. the last few laps could have been good..:thinking:

    but it was just a procession ...:rolleyes:
  6. Remember when Marquez was deliberatlely baulking Rossi last season @art b ??
    Just desserts ;)

    Nothing to do with F1 but shows how passionate things can get in real racing :thumbsup:

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  7. Rosberg said afterwards that he understood the tams position but also understood Hamiltons, which was fair enough. I think Hamilton has said before that he is careful about what is said in the room before the podium because of the close press scrutiny. Also it is difficult to understand Mercs view that it is team first, when they have already won the team trophy. Racing is as much about tactics as it is going as fast as possible, which is what makes it such a fascinating sport.
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  8. Hamiltons, damn spell checker.
  9. Try the Monaco GP 500 euros for a foot square seat besides the Italian Tifosi routing for Schumacher's Ferrari.. Montoya was all over the place. I think Coultard actually won that year, probably 2000 or 2002 , the whole thing was most obscene, Bentley Porsche Ferrari all lined up in front of the casino money...
    No doubt the Marina was equally stashed.
    Did get a wave from Richard Branson from his yacht in the Marina, probably dealing on his moby...
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  10. It could have been a lot worse - Hamilton could have disappeared into the distance with a lead of 30 seconds over Rosberg - and then another 30 seconds to Vettel and Vestappen - but at least the first 4 finished within a second or so of each other
  11. Yeah, pity there wasn't more attempts to change positions - if the last race had been interlagos there would have been. Looks like teams like red bull and possibly Ferrari will be much closer to Merc next season with the rule changes.
  12. Yep ..
    That was rossi's chance to win 10th championship..
    Tbh he lost that through over thinking stuff..

    Can't see him winning another..
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  13. I very rarely watch the races as most of the time once the initial jostling for position at the start is over and done with its just a procession at the front but for the first time in ages I found this race compelling because of Hamilton actually trying to do something that would help him win the world title rather than sitting back and hoping something would happen - don't they keep making rule changes to try and increase the excitement which is exactly what Hamiltons tactics did and then they moan about it?
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  14. This is bang on for me!!!!

    Ive noticed that people are quick to have a go at Hamilton on here. Not sure why to be honest. The guy was trying to do whatever he could to win the world championship. The race itself was indeed irrelevant. In my view it actually demonstrated how second rate Rosberg was. He's champion by default. Why didn't he just drive round Hamilton and go for the win? The instructions to let him pass, speed up etc were ludicrous. The team already had the championship and regardless of who won or even if both dnfd then they would still have had the drivers championship. As for the speculation about what other drivers saw and how they reacted. Your just making it up as your going along you guys. Hamilton's a whinger blah blah! Hes clearly the best driver/car package in the sport.

    Never read so much cock in my life!
  15. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

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  16. Rosberg just announced retirement wtf!??
  17. He's reached the top of his mountain apparently - the cynic in me thinks perhaps he realises that it won't get any better and if Hamilton has the same reliability as Rosberg next year he will win hands down?
  18. There's something more too it.
  19. Maybe its the whole team dynamic thing that he's fed up with - I doubt we will ever find out the real reason
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