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  1. Hi can anyone tell me how I put a ply floor in do I need to put batterns down to screw into and can I use adhesive instead of screwing into floor
    Thanks Dean
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    I’m honestly thinking about using spray foam. The good stuff. It’ll insulate and stick at the same time. It’s got to work

    Hasn’t it?
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  4. if you dont want to screw it down to the cargo floor you can use adhesive like tigerseal or sikaflex . using battens would raise the floor level to much and would make the ply floor to springy. You onlly need to use thin ply .. anythig t thick and the slider thresh hold plate wont fit back on.. 4 mm would be more than thick enough...
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    Do you not think my foam adhesive idea would work? Just think it’d fill all the gaps between the corrugated floor, insulating while it secures it down?
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  8. Noooo. It would foam uncontrollably, and you’d end up with a floor like a mountain range. You’d have to shave it flat again...
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    It’s used to stick plasterboard. It’s a lot better quality nowadays. A Small controlled amount
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    I’m honestly considering it as an option.
  11. I’ve seen folks stick skirting on with expanding foam so why not!
  12. If you cut it right ie good fit once you have fitted rr bed and units it won’t ,shouldn’t , move . I’d lag under it too . I did mine then put vinyl on it alls good .
  13. I use D4 foam glue for skirtings but not gun grade - as Snotts said you'll be cleaning it off forever.
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  14. 4mm's not thick enough for a floor , you'll go through it with your stiletto !! Not less than 9mm ,we use 12 for van conversions .
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  15. :thumbsup:
    I’ve got wooden flooring and my stilettos have never gone through it
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  16. I insulated mine with foil backed bubble wrap, then a layer of 9mm ply into the recess which brings the floor flush, then another layer of 9mm ply over it all so you only have a small step into the van..

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  17. Then I'm guessing you didn't use 4mm
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  18. Bazza needed 25mm to take his weight :)
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  19. My floor which works very well:-
    Two Layers of 9mm marine ply, first layer pop riveted down with s steel rivets (not too many)
    The top layer screwed to the bottom sheet with s steel wood screws.
    The whole lot covered with Marmolium, and a nice (expensive) s steel threshold plate.
    Proper job.
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    I've seen a bloke sticking roof tiles on with expanding foam ,it looked

    lycheeing awful

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