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  1. Do you have dimensions for the roof cut you made?? Would love to do mine
  2. Roof cut, you mean the roof wood lining?
  3. Yes indeed :)
  4. Also what wood did you use, was it 3mm birch ply?
  5. I copied the outline of the old one so no measurements im afraid

    Only sheet I can find big enough, there is no sheet that big in 3mm at the shops
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  6. No problem! Many thanks!
  7. I had a bit of a setback yesterday but before I explain that I have been to Bakewell and a few other places in my camper and really enjoyed it



    I finished the sill on the passenger side and starting to look a bit smarter



    All was well, I took it out of the garage to clean it and hoover inside. When I drove back into the garage the gear stick spun round on its axis so I couldn't tell what gear I was in and became a really strange sensation no finding any gears. I thought it was in neutral and it shot forward BOOM.........

    Needless to say I crushed my welder, smashed several concrete sections of the garage and damaged my compressor. I am sooooo gutted it's unreal, I know it's part my fault as my foot should have been firmly on the brake but it happens so fast. I dare not look to be honest and I exited the garage and found a place to cry.

    I will go back in the garage tomorrow to check the Camper for damage
  8. Oh no! With any luck the deformation panel took the brunt of it.
  9. Oh no... that’s awful! Hope it’s not too bad
  10. I feel for you, I think I incorrectly fitted a fan belt which resulted in a new engine and other bits so 3k later I'm back on the road. We live and hopefully learn. At least no-one was hurt
  11. Well damage to the bus is not as bad as I thought, I think I've ruined the bumper.

    My welder is toast but managed to fix my compressor

    IMG_20190803_233106.jpg IMG_20190803_233116.jpg IMG_20190803_233137.jpg IMG_20190803_233153.jpg IMG_20190803_233203.jpg IMG_20190803_233426.jpg IMG_20190803_233454.jpg
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  12. Get the really big hammer out for the welder if the controller board isn't broken just beat the crap out of the casing, there's not much you can't fix with a big enough hammer:)
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  14. I have decided to treat myself to a brand new pair of fibreglass bumpers from

    Not a bad price considering what rust Kamper Non vw heritage are offering

    I need to get 2 new garage panels from somewhere o_O

    I will take the bumper off tomorrow to make sure there aint too much damage but im impressed with the whack it's taken and the tiny bit of damage...
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  15. I got round to cleaning and painting the roof rack and it looks great

    IMG_20190813_123553.jpg IMG_20190813_123610.jpg
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  16. Attached Files:

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  17. Talking about measurements, I checked my rear cupboard against those drawings and mine are 5mm shorter, 720 not 725.

    Could be because that's from a later one with a type 4 engine, which may not have the board at the base like mine due to the inspection hatch.
  18. I wouldn't take all the measurements literally as some are out slightly in places. Check, double check and check again for good luck
  19. Made it to wold farm flambrorough, filey and bridlington no bother and drove really well. Still amazes me that im not the slowest on the road

    PANO_20190906_174518.vr.jpg IMG_20190907_112344.jpg IMG_20190908_120614.jpg IMG_20190906_192838.jpg
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