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  1. A 100w solar panel won’t keep up with the draw of that fridge I’m afraid.
    Have a look at compressor fridges they ain’t cheap but draw a lot less current
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  2. The fridge you have will use about 10amp
    A 100w solar panel in very bright sunshine and at the right angle to the sun will produce a max 8amp
  3. Thanx

    the price of a compressor fridge that really puts me off.

    So a 200w solar system with a 30a mppt regulator should suffice for the fridge on, during the day only?
  4. You’ll spend as much on a decent solar setup as you would on the fridge.
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  5. I practically did the same as you for insulation, however I found this (though rather boring) quite interesting.

    This one is more interesting

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  6. Looks exactly like my ‘78 Moonie.
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  7. Been to rother valley, everything is working well.

    Had pinics etc and enjoyed it :thumbsup:

    IMAG5185.jpg download_20190512_151227.jpg download_20190512_212954.jpg download_20190512_212944.jpg
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  8. its ted

    its ted Sponsor

    Somehow missed thus whole thread, shame as I have the same model Moonraker and it also had the cool box
    Like you I copied the original interior in ply but used the smev 9222 sink and hob
    Just taken it all out to change it all around again to a double bed and L shaped seating configuration
    Old newish interior up for grabs if anyone is looking for one
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  9. I have added some extra gauges so I can keep an eye on temperature and pressure etc

    Was pretty cheap off internet and pretty easy to fit

    IMAG5226.jpg IMAG5225.jpg IMAG5224.jpg
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  11. looking nice fella :thumbsup:
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  13. I have fitted accu stuff today but the rotar arm was very poor. Rest aint too back and probably because of the electronic points I have found some more horses.

    My timing gun came today so checked it and was a little out, I have timed/adjusted it to 900rpm and 7.5 degrees is that about right
  14. PIE


    Looks great! well done, not sure I would be leaning the bikes on it after all that!!
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  15. The Accuspark rotor arm and distributor cap need to be replaced with decent quality items.

    Timing should be 30deg maximum mechanical advance (about 3000 revs) with the vacuum hose disconnected and the carb port blocked.
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  16. Haha it's okay ends are rubber & needs painting eventually. I can tell your very protective, shoes off before people enter
  17. I threw the rotor arm away but rest works well and got good output from the coil. I got a new Bosch rotor and new cap and all is well
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    Not me bay, now the split screen:thinking:
  19. :thumbsup:

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