Carl's How To: Front Seat Covers

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  1. Also.. Run a hem about 1cm off the back of the cover..

    Now, same again. Run your piping around the edge.. But start it at the v cut, and leave about 5-10 cm extra each end..

    Lay your seat base front panel ontop, face to face, start sewing from the centre line out wards..
    When you get to the ends.. It will look like this.,

    This^ is where it's gonna get tricky! take your time and slowly sew all three layers together neatly, trim off excess piping, and any excess material, turn inside out and done!
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  2. wow another great guide well done
  3. Quick question for Carl

    Looking at your templates, you look like you have added extra for hemming. Is that about a centimetre all the way round?
  4. Hi mate,
    Well.. I unpicked the old covers and drew round them. The bits where i have drawn the 1cm on are just to let me know thats where the em is etc,
    You dont really need them lines, but i drew them on anyway lol.
  5. Invaluable 'how to', thanks loads Carl. I've completed the upper half of passenger seat and about to start the rest...
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  6. lets 'av a look? :)
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  8. Can you tell me what colour green that is & where you purchased it, PM if you prefer. :)
  9. Whey hey! Very nice.

    You ever done anything like this before? Looks very good for a first go!!!
  10. Thanks very much. I've previously made curtains but this is a first for seats. I used your other guide to make my door cards before I was brave enough to try the seat
  11. I may have to re-do one of the door cards but I'm chuffed with progress so far. Just can't wait to put it all in the van now
  12. Very neat ...:hattip:
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  13. lets see them too? lol
  14. These were the most work but I'm chuffed with result as the original ones were in an awful condition. The driver clip fell apart when I touched it but once I've sourced another clip then these can be fitted.
    First things to go in, yay!

  15. Oh my thats incredible!!
    I didnt even think to do the sun visors lol
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  16. So can I ask how much material is need to do front seats and all the interior panels please as would like to order some but not sure how much I need thanks for help :)

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