Carl's How To: Front Seat Covers

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  1. Can't remember mate to be honest lol.
    2m of each colour in total for the seats approx so 4m in total

    Then door cards... 4m of fluting colour, then 3m of the top/bottom colour. Approx
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  2. Cheers gives me a rough idea thanks means I can order sometime and be near :hattip:
  3. i'll do better pics when i have the bus a bit more sorted, but absolute massive thanks to Carl for this thread, the panels one, and being so kind to help me via messenger. we definitely could not have done this work without his help.

    the vinyl we used was super cheap, it does show, but for a first attempt i could'nt be happier. and driving on proper seat pads (thanks to retrodubs down in cornwall for sorting me out so fast on those) is a revelation compared to the chunk of soft foam wrapped in a coffee sack the van came with.

    cheers carl, i owe you a few pints!
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  4. What thread size did you use please and also what needle please thanks :hattip:
  5. the wife says just a normal needle and thread, nothing special. We did buy a proper piping foot for a couple of quid off eBay. The machine is a big old industrial singer we picked up locally for 50quid, although with the very cheap thin vinyl we used she says her domestic machine would have been ok... But easier on the big one.

    When we do a new set I'll definitely buy much better quality vinyl or maybe leather, it is definitely worth making one or two sets first to get a feel.
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  6. Cheers I've been using a vinyl needel and gutterman extra strong thread works well. Done my headlining with it so now I'm doing my front seats
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  7. So, I'm revisiting this brilliant 'How to' because it's been a nearly a year since I made covers for the passenger seat and now I'm finally getting round to the drivers seat
    Thanks again Carl
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  8. Forgot i made this thread! Good to see someone made use of it :)
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    :) I didn't notice the date until half way through! Excellent tutorial :thumbsup:
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    Me too, drivers done, part way through the double passenger seat which is tricky with the wire that needs to be sewn into the bottom edge!
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  11. i made use of it :thumbsup:[​IMG]
  12. They look nice, does anyone have a template at all please? My seats have had some aftermarket covers fitted badly and the originals have gone.
  13. Where did you get that material from ? It looks good
  14. I got a full set of templates for prototype seats. Same as the ones in my bus.
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  15. hi just from ebay look up heavy duty vinyl its for boats so rot proof as well
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  16. The vinyl that you get at dunelm mill is brilliant. Limited in colour choice but sews really nicely

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