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  1. nicked of heritage insurance website but I didn't know this. I thought it was still 73!

    Can I display a black & silver number plate?
    Tim Bishop • 19th November 2015
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    The historic black & silver number plate has been around since 1903, these original plates are an emblem of genuine classics still being driven on the road today. So where does the law lie on this matter? Heritage Insurance takes a look at the facts.
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    The black & silver number plate was issued in the UK following the Motor Car Act 1903, this ensured all vehicles could be legally recognised in the event of a road traffic collision or potentially recovered if stolen.
    Although the modern white/yellow reflective plate was available since 1968 as an option on new cars, many continued to carry the black & silver number plate into the early seventies.
    When it comes to the legalities of these old style plates, officially from April 2015 vehicles registered before the 1st of January 1975 can legally display a black & silver number plate providing they are registered with the Historic Vehicles taxation class. So effectively if your classic car is tax exempt then you can display the black & silver number plate.
    If you have a classic car that is newer than 1975 but would still like that retro look that comes with black & silver number plates, where does this leave you? Well the law states you can’t and that is that. However, having researched this matter and having even read this from the horse’s mouth so to speak, it is quite possible that you can evade prosecution due to it being such a minor offence. In fact if you are a sensible driver and do not give the law any reason to stop you this minor infraction may generally go unpunished. Trust me I’m speaking from experience.
    Far be it for us to condone such criminal acts but if you decide to race down the road at 60mph and get stopped by the Police, not only will you receive a speeding fine and points they may also endorse your driving licence for your number plates and fine you for that to.
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  2. Yeah but how many late bays would have had those plates, none I reckon.
  3. I think the point being made is that any vehicle with historic taxation class can have black/silver plates.

    Whether they had them new or not.
  4. I've got them, I've got them, ner ner ner ner ner
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  5. Sssh I have them on my '79
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  6. I had heard that it has changed to a rolling system like that text says but local number plate didn't have a clue about it when I asked so who knows....
  7. I have them on my '73 bus as put on by the PO. The 1975 rule is new to me too - but I have heard that the MOT people ignore the wrong plates as they think it is up to the police - and the police aren't interested as they think it should be picked up at MOT time ( unless you are involved in another traffic offence)
  8. I have seen plenty of late bays with the classic black/silver plates same as on my 66 mgb. I wouldnt think the police would be too bothered as long as the ANPR can read them.
  9. sANDYbAY

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    Every single year my MOT man failed my '74 bay for the wrong number plates. He insisted that I fitted the correct yellow and white ones before he'd give me a pass certificate.
    Having said that for 363 days of the year my bay sports classic looking black and white plates. I've even had two traffic cops come over to chat about my van and they both posed for photos in front of it, complete with illegal plates which they either didn't realise or weren't bothered by.
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  10. Same thing here when we had our '75 bay, we had to take the black plates off to pass MOT. Does seem to depend where you take it for MOT mind. Had the '75 tested not long after purchase, no problem with the black plates. Different tester time after that and we had to swap plates. Seems a daft thing to test though doesn't it?
  11. rickyrooo1

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    even as early as 1968/9 although black and silver were legal people had the option of white/yellow, almost a status symbol at the time to "keep up with the joneses" if you will, i'd imagine hardly any people had them by 72 out of choice, they are fine in the right place but in my opinion look gash if on something after L.
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  12. rickyrooo1

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    my 69 landrover still had the original plate on, they were yellow/white aluminium with raised 3d plastic letters, weather worn and beaten up, i actually removed them and fitted pressed black and silver, i don't have anything against them as such just when they are out of place there's a classic mini by me and it's an 86 C reg on them.... i want to smack him everytime i pass.
  13. sANDYbAY

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  14. rickyrooo1

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    not only the wrong colour for the year but the wrong font too, excellent work.
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  15. Yes - looks like a German font
  16. [​IMG]

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  17. Woodylubber

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    I love em, I had em on my Bay even thou it was a 73, gonna put some on my T4 :)
  18. rickyrooo1

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    get some merc wheels too for added naff
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