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  1. Back a week from Wales, hadnt realised the wife had just taken time off in lieu and next week shes actually on holiday. She insists that we go away in the camper again, who am I to argue ...!

    Plan is to head in a north westerly direction. Will be camping near Loch Ness, then heading west to Kyle of Lochalsh and over to Skye. This time were seeking out the isolated spots 1st stop on Skye will be Ergol . One road in same road out, Plan is to wild camp there for the night .. then back out and upward through Skye .. returning to the mainland and doing the Torridon and Applecross vai the balach na bah .. Continue North therafter on a beach tour and see what the trip brings .. Probably wont head up as far as Durness this time, but take more time out chilling. Then back via the top end of Loch Ness and over toward the east .. not made any firm plans on the route.. probably play it by ear .. Heard the wife mention somewhere that sounded like Fairy Valley ? loads of waterfalls in one area apparently.. DEFINITELY no stops at retail outlets this time around :)

    Just serviced the van for the trip, oil change ( 1200 miles since last one ) new points, clean up and chamfer the front pads to eliminate a brake squeal, and grease everything yet again .. I think I may have forgot to grease the steering swivel pin last time though as the steering was a wee bit heavy and seemed to tighten up as the day wore on.. after a good pump of grease and the exit of a little water, It now feels like thevan has power steering .. :) doh...
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  2. If your wild camping near loch Ness we found a great little spot or the B road side (on the east side) it's just a wee gravel patch to the side of the road big enough for a camper, it's right down near the water level and the side of the van sits angled looking straight up the loch, very picturesque if the conditions are right.

    In still learning the ropes with maintenance on my van, I'm ok with servicing an engine but could you point me in the right direction of what items need greasing please, just when I get back from work I'll be getting our van ready for a long trek down to Cornwall from Scotland. Cheers.
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  3. As a matter of interest, where about in Scotland are you ?

    Grease points.. Front beam there are 5

    1 left side upper beam tube
    1left side lower beam tube
    1right side upper beam tube
    1right side lower beam tube

    and 1 smack in the middle of the beam that lubes the swivel for the steering link.. just keep pumping grease into that one till it comes out the top and oozes out the small hole in the lower cap it will force out all the old grease if there is any in there ..

    thats about it for grease nipples but don't hesitate to grease other bits with a dab on your finger or on the end of a brush.. Having rebuilt the entire van and waxoyled it to oblivion I also swipe the steering joints with a smear just to stop the rubbers from drying out and the threads from rusting up.. will make the job easier when things need replaced .. and repel any moisture .. Im not adverse to smearing some on painted parts just for added protection..

    I also have urethane bushes which like to squeak so occasionally give them a wipe clean, a soak with WD 40 and smear some vaseline in and around the bush and anti roll bar, Seems to keep the squeaks at bay..
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  4. Cheers, will get under the bus and get on that when I'm home :thumbsup: She's going to be well overdue all those bits.

    I'm in Fife, in a small village just outside of Kirkcaldy. I'm originally from Cornwall but moved up about 10 years ago. Love it up in Scotland apart from the lack of vw events :D

    Have a great trip up the west coast, hope the weather is good to you, when the sun's out there's no place like it.
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  6. that's the place.. bought some swimming shorts from Aldis the other day and the wife made a bet I wouldn't go in the pools .. I must remember to make sure she has £20 in her purse before we leave ... No photographic evidence of the event will be shown for fear of scaring small children from the glare off my persily white legs.. yes indeed, they are so white they have a bluey white hue to them..
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  7. :D

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  8. 914 miles in total this week, got home around 8pm on Sunday, Did the wst coast, over the Skye bridge into Skye, turned left at Broadford to Elgol, wild camped with sea view and just took it from there ...

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  9. trying to resize pics ...
  10. Left home at 6am to miss the mad rush and get a good run into the wilderness before sensible oclock ..

    Took the A road to Kirriemuir and headed over toward Alyth and Blairgowrie. From there up toward Bridge of Cally and took a left to Pitlochry. Turned right and headed out toward Bruar, Blair Athol and a short stretch of the A9 to Dalwhinnie. Continued Dalwhinnie to Laggan and onward to Kyle of Lochalsh and over the Bridge to Skye, onto Broadford and turned left after a fuel stop and on to Elgol ..

    Arriving at Elgol around 5pm so a fair days driving but we had a few stops along the road to give the old bus a breather..

    Elgol is one way in and one way out on single track for around 12 miles .. and takes longer that you might expect to cover that distance.. but its worth it for the view.. its all very atmospheric ...
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  11. So happy you kept the bus! Sounds like you're having a blast.

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  12. saw this pink hire van along the start of the journey .. 2x cool chicks just hanging out, never saw it again..

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  13. So here we are at Elgol ...

    DSCF0329.JPG DSCF0332 (2).JPG DSCF0361.JPG DSCF0365.JPG DSCF0378.JPG DSCF0379.JPG
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  14. The road you see in the pics is the actual road.. no verges, no lines , just a tar dump and a rough smooth over and its done .. Wide enough but only just for the odd motorhome, but not many make the journey.. :)
  15. Elgol next day, we booked a trip on a boat to view the islands from a different angle .. During the tour I spotted a sea eagle and felt compelled to interrupt the guide who was missing the spectacle as were all the other participants.. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic . But the boat man stopped to allow everyone to see the spectacle .. These birds are so big they actually cast a shadow of the hillside,, incredible sight .. :) But despite missing those pics I got these .. less exciting ones ..
    DSCF0399.JPG DSCF0404.JPG DSCF0407.JPG
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  16. Onward to the fairy pools.. and a great wee campsite just down the road a bit .. On route I passed 2 x bays and a split at the side of the road by a small hostel, dindt stop as its all single tack but all three looked well turned out and proper cool ..

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  17. I kinda started to loose track of where I was about this time ... but day three was a wild camp night .. We headed off toward some pinnacle and an abandoned lighthouse ( now remotely operated) on some sheer cliffs, but before we got there we visited a beach where the waterfall flows uphill on a windy day .. The day we were there it wasnt t windy so it was just a normal waterfall.. by this time I was wearying of waterfalls LOl

    last pic was our wild camping spot for that night :) just a short walk from the lighthouse ..

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  18. Neist Point

    DSCF0512.JPG DSCF0519.JPG
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  19. I think thats us up to day three.. :)
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