another west coast trip

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  1. Braw!!
  2. cooling our feet in the crystal waters ... funny thing was that later in the trip a campsite had a sign warning folk to boil the water as there was a fungul thing going on LOL

    DSCF0568.JPG DSCF0571.JPG DSCF0588.JPG
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  3. Had to get a pic of this bad boy, hinted to the wife that perhaps she would like some which met with some deft retort to the effect that she basically wouldnt lol... No wonder there are so many sheep in the highlands :)

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  4. and lets move on ....

    wild camping this night too, isolated, I'll say ..... !

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  5. peacea nd quiet...

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  6. onto the next place where even the coos enjoy paddle and a wander along the beach !

    there was an awesome campsite here, we didnt stay but will do in the future..

    and yes that was the colour of the water, no filters or camera trickery.. :)

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  7. By this stage I have no idea what day it is, what the time is or where we are ... its just awesomeness on a scale you really have to experience for yourself..

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  8. Looks like a great trip. Fab photos.

    I did the up the west coast across the top and down the middle many many years ago. In a tent though. Would love the van to be reliable enough to do it again.

    One day :)
  9. We are definitely on the mainland :) although its hard to tell

    this is us at Kylesku and the view from our camping spot at Durness... :)

    tried my hand at some beach art.. lettering scale was all wrong :(

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  10. Thanks for sharing the pics
    It seems like an awesome adventure
  11. last update, hopefully this will take us to the end of the journey .. :)

    stopped by Smoo caves on the return start of our return journey.. Unfortunately it was raining and the cave trips were cancelled, they do boat trips into the guts of the caves when the tides and rainfalls are low ..

    Then run by a visitor centre on route south with a salmon leap , a natural return journey, not the man made salmon ladders at hydro dams. Had to stand for a while before I actually caught a couple of salmon fighting for life on route to the spawning pools , how they manage the leap is incredible

  12. heading on down we stopped by the caledonian canal at Ford Augustus , in time to see some vessels using it .. then headed further down and stopped by this swing bridge on the canal.. in time for a bacon roll and a sausage roll.. Sausages were from the co op and despite there lack luster and sickly looking appearance they were actually not to bad for reconstituted beaks and claws .. Then just as we were about to tuck in this flotilla arrived, the road barriers were dropped and the road swung open to let the ships sail past.. mad... but cool..

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  13. Nothing very exciting until we got to Bruar, the falls at the back of house of Bruar are the best anywhere .. Saw some folk canyoning down the falls looked pretty exciting ... thinking about having a go..:)

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  14. Stopped off in Pitlochry for an ice cream and that was us pretty much completed our journey .. 40 miles to go and we were home for 8pm

    no breakdowns no issues van went like a top and steering much improved with a healthy dose of grease.. :) This thing goes around corners as though it were on rails with no hint of body roll. the anti roll bar and spax adjustables along with the decent Avon load rated tyres make it a pleassure to drive .. to be honest..

    One recurring issue is the brake squeal whoa its shrill but only after a bit of use.. really need to ditch the crrent pads and buy something more decent .. brakes are good but the squeal has to be tamed .. Also baffle in the stainless exhaust started to rattle during the trip to Wales. JK are sending a replacement under warranty :) cant hear my tappets rattle for the fork spoon band playing in the silencer LOL..

    Hope I havent bored yah all .. But SCOTLAND is camper tour heaven.. better in October though, much much less tourists ..
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  15. Yep wife gets bitten by anything and everything she is my personal mossi repellant :) She bought that just before we left .. Its actually a large cube and can be used in a multitude of ways, I think sh paid £15 for it from mountain warehouse out door store.. Its very effective :)
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  16. Superb photos, thanks for sharing with us, certainly some places worthy of visiting!

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