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  1. wrong front panel ,.indicators wrong . deformation panel wrong , front arches wrong ,quarter panel wrong , rear vents wrong , wheel should be wide 5 yours 4 wrong wrong corners , wrong tail gate gate wrong rear valance , wrong side door , RINGER wrong front lights wrong rear lights chassis plate in wrong place wrong front rear bumpers
  2. Steer clear, says it’s also got the plague!
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  3. Day

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    Looks like a late bay to me
  4. Who in their right mind would put late air intakes onto an early or get rid of the unique front? Yep, definitely looks like a replated later model.

    Oddly, there are a lot of Transit owners putting Mk7 fronts on Mk6s.
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    Move the fuel filter as Well
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  7. Buying new front panels are late model regardless and its a lot of work to adapt to early.

    looking at it .........its a early ...............late bay.
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  8. Does anyone really call it a bread loaf or loaf for short? I’m still not sure if it’s a bus or a van without throwing this into the mix!

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  9. and MOT history is interesting. 2009 2015 2016 so off road a lot and the 2018 (due in October, but done in May a few days before new MOT rules came in). km readings go up and down and one test says km unreadable. May 2018 test says heavily undersealed and we know what that means, covering up the plague?
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  10. that's a whole lot of "wrong".
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  11. Poptop2

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    Well dodgy that
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  12. Engine lids a late, wiper and indicator stalks are late
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  13. Looks like the chassis number has been ground out. Hope no one with not much knowledge falls for this one.
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  14. davidoft

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  15. and 2 fuel filters in the engine bay and that dodgy looking fuel line.

    The van is now a LHD vehicle and mostly late bay but the registration is a UK 1969 registered. So am I right to think the van could be a US import using a UK 1969 donor vehicle which may have been too rot to restore.

    So they now pretend its a genuine UK 1969 vehicle restored.
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  16. lol
  17. at least its not in Scotland
  18. Hahahaha ...

    How can a late bay be a '69 early ???

    When it's a ringer

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  19. ..but it's right for a '74 though
  20. It says it’s a short wheelbase. No good to me, I’m looking for a lwb Bay.

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