ZIG wiring diagrams and instructions

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  1. Instructions for use and fitting manual for ZIG CF8 unit.





    Another diagram

    ZIG CF8 unit fitted to my '73 westy:
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    Thanks for posting again. Found these really useful last time.
  3. Hey Zebedee...take note....the original diagram as supplied by Zig is not ideal for a Bus owner, the fridge relay will be energised when the ignition switch is on...this will pull current during start up! Not ideal...Provide a fused +ve supply to the fridge relay from Alternator D+ terminal, as per my diagram.
    A good hack is to put a 10A bridging fuse between terminals 2 & 4 when you lay up for any length of time....this will charge both batteries, rather than just the leisure, when you switch the charger on. Remember to pull the fuse before you crank the engine over (don't panic...it will simply blow if you forget). Better still, buy a miniature MCB fuse from Vehicle wiring products....works just like a domestic MCB...it will trip and disconnect automatically. Also, original zig diagram doesn't show facility to charge the leisure battery while driving, hence the need for the second relay. Far better set-up than a split charge IMHO. Use the coloured diagram...it works perfectly
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  4. Hey Vanorak... i'd be interested in seeing your wiring diagram hack, if you can find it again. :)
  5. Hack sounds very interesting!
  6. it's there...on the diagram....fit one of these [​IMG] in between terminal 2 and 4 (on the CF8/ 9)...it's a miniature 10A MCB....when you lay-up and put the bus on charge it will trickle charge both batteries....when you start the bus the switch will trip...a fuse would be better, but I imagine I'd forget to pull it before starting up. Standard set-up will not charge the starter batt.
    MCBs available from Vehicle Wiring Products
  7. I have the same for a CF9 is it different enough to be worth uploading?
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  8. [​IMG]
    I am very interested in implementing this wiring diagram to achieve charging of both batteries whilst driving and on hook-up. Also isolating the fridge from startup...but I assume that’s only an issue if the Zig is switched on.
    The PO has done some funky wiring throughout my camper so I’m struggling to figure it all out and then correct.
    Being new to all of this I’m hoping the Bridging Fuse and Relays can work in tandem with my current (more like being worked on) electrics setup...
    It looks like there are a few differences I should address. Currently I’ve...
    •No fuse on the Vehicle Battery + wire to the Zig
    •My Leisure Battery - currently goes directly to the Zig, as per the Zig manual. Wondering what the reason (I’m learning) is for taking the Leisure Battery negative to an Earth point?
    Should I go ahead and do the above?

    To implement the Relay setup I’m wondering about the following:
    •Relay amps rating?
    •Wire sizes for all of the Relay electrickery?
    •The Relays can go in a module and mounted on my redundant Air Filter stand (have Twin Carbs), which puts them close to the Alternator...I assume heat won’t be a problem with the module, but what do you think? It comes with a cover.
    •I’ve seen a Twin Relay (30a), is that a good idea or should I go for 2 individual ones?
    Now for the Bridging Fuse:
    •Wondering if this “12v 240v Resettable push button thermal circuit breaker” can be used? Looks like it might act like an MCB and pop out if forgotten.
    I’m thinking I could probably squeeze it in to my Electrical Panel...
    Unfortunately I have a few more specific questions I’ll have to ask once I know I am on the right track with the above.

    Many thanks all!

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