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  1. The first job to do on the van once i take the covers off is sort out the mains hook up and 12v electrics. Im looking at installing a zig unit and wondered what ones people have. I want one that will charge the leisure battery whilst im hooked up to mains. I've already got a split charge system ready to put in too.
  2. I've got the zig cf2000 up and running in my van and its brilliant, was very simple to install and works just fine. Charges battery etc
  3. both of mine have got cfb8? ones, to be honest i only use the charger as the glass fuses are crap and the split charge is a pain to remember to swap the switch over! a caravan charger/fusebox/split charger relay is better in my opnion and cheaper
  4. the zig unit would need to be feed by a rcd to comply with wiring regs
  5. i've got an rcd box ready for it. my last van was split charge system with a battery charger plugged in on the mains side, worked ok but wanted to do this one properly
  6. Rcd are really easy to wire in so u wouldn't let that be a worry took me about an hour including tidying up all the wires and grommets etc
  7. Hi
    Got a CF8 in mine, charges leisure battery, RCD consumer unit was simple to fit.
    Yes you have to switch different switches on for on site and touring but no problems, works well. Use it to trickle charge both batteries over the winter, just plug in for and hour or so each week saves taking Tilly out in the salt and wet.
  8. I'm in the middle of doing all the electrics in mine, I got the Sargent EC155, It looks cool, its got the split charge, the hookup charger and the rcd built in along with a 12v fusebox for bits and bobs and you can get and external control panel which is really cool for switching your lights on and off and checking the battery levels. and all in all, by the time you add up all the cost its only a little more expensive, but alot neater.


    The only other thing you need is a crimper suitable to make the plugs up. :thumbsup:
  10. yeah i really dont know which way to go this time. the setup in my last van worked fine apart from i had a ctec charger and got fed up of having to press the button to select which setting i wanted ie, car, bike ect. If i go that way again i'll get a fully auto one, hook the van up and its charging.
    i've got a few weeks to suss it all out
  12. zigs are cheap and cheerful and can be easily sourced secondhand from caravan breakers, plus you can speak to a warm body on the 'phone if you need advice 8) In essence, they're a glorified distribution board, with a trickle charger and 240v/12v transformer...the best thing about them is that they're fairly compact, and if you're installing from scratch it makes for a neat install. There are much better quality separates but it all adds up...PMS do something very similar to Zig CF9...Reimo/CBE stuff is always good IMO
  13. chers for the ideas guys, ben looking at so many different ones. there's lots on ebay atm so might have a bid on some. I think you hit the nail on the head, zig units are more compact, thats what im after :)

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