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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Luis Navarro, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. I keep hearing about these things. I understand that its a power management unit, but how does it do its thing and how do you plumb one in?
    I'll be running 12v lighting, a fridge and probably a tv from my leisure battery on 12v, but would like the facility to switch all that over to my 240v hookup when thats connected without having the agg of unplugging stuff and plugging it in to another outlet.....
    Would a zig unit give that functionality or am i looking at the wrong product?
    All advice gratefully received :)
  2. yes you can do all that...basically, it acts as a transformer/trickle charger for your leisure battery and fridge when hooked-up. Connect all your 12v living equipment to the zig. The fridge has an independent 240v supply and as you will be fitting an RCD with circuit breaker (MCB) for the mains inlet (a small version of your domestic leccy distribution box) you can also fit another mcb for a common or garden 240v socket...don't try to run mains stuff from the zig's 240v fridge outlet, unless you like living dangerously...

    an equally good alternative, without the faff of fitting/chopping cupboards etc. would be a simple 240v mains hook-up lead connected to an outdoor RCD with two MCBs....one for mains equipment, the other for a small inexpensive battery charger...coil it up, sling it in a bag, away you go

    Like this for example....much less hassle IMO but doesn't look as techy
  3. Loads better things out there now days. Best option is to run a standard 12v fuse box, 240v consumer unit And a c-tek charger same but a lot more options available to upgrade if needed! The switches on zigs are more referred to caravans then campers and most switches will end up redundant.
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    I have me 12v stuff running off my aux batt with a split charger, then when I hook up the fridge goes live and so does a charger, buffering all the 12v through the battery ,no switches needed
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  5. +1 for the ctek charger, it's an awesome little piece of kit. I have a 5 amp version permanently mounted in the bus. Gets a bit hot when bulk charging so you need to be a bit careful where to fit it mind.
  6. Cheers for all the replies! I already have a split charge and rcd setup but the 240v terminates to a domestic 3 pin socket and the 12v terminates to a cigar lighter socket and I thought a proper power distribution panel would tidy things up a bit lol so what would you all recommend as a budget way to finesse my current setup? I ideally want a switch panel for the downlights, fridge, eberspacher, probably a tv plus a 12v outlet and 240v outlet :)
  7. Liked these a lot so i've ordered a 4 way switch panel with battery gauge and a seperate 3 pin socket, with the nice surrounds to match :) Just got to cable it all up now but from looking at some of the wiring diagrams it looks pretty straightforward.
    Cheers for all the replies/advice guys :)

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