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  1. Thats a mains connection unit - not a zig - you posted the right link?
  2. yeah I was just showing the hook up I installed and was wondering whether you could attach a zig to that as most come withthere own fuse box etc.
  3. Dont understand what zig unit do you have
  4. none yet but seen a cheap one so didnt want to post the link ::)
  5. with out knowing the model type cant be of much help as they are all diffident PM me the model if you want.

    Personally i don't rate the zig units but if you can get one cheep
  6. thanks Matty PM'd :)
  7. pmed back let me know if i can help any more
  8. I fitted a CF8 to Tilly.
    The Zig comes with a power lead attached that you wire into the RCCD then connect your vehicle and leisure batteries to the terminal board on the rear of the Zig. There are other 12volt connections for water pump and other ancillary items.
    Remember the Zig is a transformer so can get warm, mount in an area where air can flow around it.
    Hope this helps


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