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  1. Crap driving about a month ago in the cold. coming out of mid- Wales on the 2nd Jan. continuing to be no power and gutless. rubbish, and this has been similar for months. thinking engine going or something. no power at all. t finally stopped on a small hill.. somebody in a pickup stopped immediately... I had one....towed us along into a layby, somebody else stopped...ive got one! (told em to come here)... between them they checked stuff, it stared and drove to the top of the hlll and then down into welshpool .... it was bad.. RAC..

    he came and reckoned on accelerator not opening up enough from pedal. fiddled with position of carb. seemed to be OK so we made it to shrewsbury but it was lousy again... wouldn't work on lpg at all. petrol crapped out at about 40...not goo for m way.

    so a crap set of relays to London.. oh my poor family...

    But all it was was a stretched accelerator cable, a split air filter to carb connection (letting air in ) and a clogged up pancake air filter...which i vacuumed clean.....its all been so beautiful since. like driving a big hairy porsche.... .. amazing what vacuum cleaner can do
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  2. At least it was a cheap fix, if not a little tedious en route.

    Another plus point for sticking with an oil bath air cleaner if your bus came with one.. it takes a lot of sand to block one up.
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  3. Regular maintenance is key.
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  4. Zero the hero is up to his ears in the mysteries :)
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    I'll agree that regular maintenance is the key.

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