Z bed hinges and rearranging my benches

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 14platoon, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Just about to take the plunge and buy some Z bed hinges to convert my original bench seat into a bed. I have a mini bus set up currently, 3 bench rear with 2 bench in front, all facing forwards.

    Anyone got previous experience of fitting or using these, easy to fit or a headache? Once this is done, can I then spin around my forward facing 2 seat bench so that it is then behind the drivers seat facing the three bench? Can this be easily bolted to the floor or do I need to weld plates for the floor bolts?

    Hope that's clear as mud. Basically keep my original seats but make into a camping style or day van set up without too much messing
  2. Can you post some pictures...I'm keen on doing this too :)
  3. Can't really face the rear if you plan to use them while driving. I'll be honest, I've got Z hinges and I don't find them as good as I'd hoped. Bed isn't comfortable and doesn't stay where it should.
  4. Boo that doesn't sound good!
  5. Like this..?


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  6. why can't they face rear wards?
  7. Safety. You need head restraints.

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  8. Didn't realise that! How come the seats don't have them for forward. Obviously a good reason but either way you would get snap back on your neck if you crashed? I couldn't find anything on the govt website regarding this.

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