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  1. Had a cracking 2 night stay just outside Appletreewick near Skipton. This part of yorkshire is a gem, lots of nice villages, pubs, hills and steeped in history. Highly recommend this campsite we stayed at www.howgill-lodge.co.uk

    We're going back in May, still so much to see and do, those hills certainly put the van through its paces.

    Only had one issue, fan belt got chewed up (crappy rubber, although I would have expected better since it was made in Germany! - is there any decent rubber out there?!)



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  2. That looks an amazing site :thumbsup:
  3. Always like campsite tips thanks! Are you bottom and top pulleys aligned vertically? Just a thought if fan belt got chewed.
  4. I`ve stayed in that area many times but not at that site , it always seemed closed ...
    Lovely walk along the river to either Bolton Abbey one way or Grassington the other then back over the hills :thumbsup:

    Is that last picture Trollers Gill by any chance ??

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  5. Good spot, indeed it is. Photo taken from Parcevall Hall
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  6. Watch out for't Barghest up Trollers Gill there, kind of keep to the road sort of thing. Saying that, I've spent many a happy hour dangling off and crawling under that lot. Once had to drag a young cow out of Hell Hole. Determined beast, nearly made it to the 20m pitch.
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  7. brilliant thread, thanks for posting!
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  8. Smashing banging a soul refreshing place always like it up there.....the photos do it justice nowt better.
  9. Look great, good weather too.

    Thanks for the campsite tip.

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