Yorkshire photography trip this Easter

Discussion in 'North Yorks' started by sANDYbAY, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. We need to organise a late bay camp there this year
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  2. Stainforth Force - the packhorse bridge is fun to drive cross!
    There's a busy campsite there too though in April maybe not so.


    Pen y gent - the roads up there are great fun and there's plenty of places to admire the view from, and be sure to walk up to the top.



    Gordale campsite is a great spot but facilities are somewhat 'dated'!

    Campsite at Malham. 'Town Head' I think it's called?

    Waterfalls walk from Ingleton. Well worth it, I go every time I'm up that way.

    Ingleborough caves from Clapham.

    You've already got a good list so I've tried not to repeat.

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  3. The Station Inn is a great place to stop, as long as they don't have staff/food issues (very rarely, just bad timing for me last I was there). Pull into the car park and just ask if its okay to stop - that is all they ask. There are some great walks and mountain bike routes around there. If the car park is full, you can park under the Viaduct or in the laybys down the road.
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  4. Although I know the name very well I don't think I've ever seen Catrigg Force in all the years I've been going to the area! And I've been so close so many times. Thanks PC, I'll check it out next time I'm up there.

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  5. Nice bike BTW :cool:
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  6. Oh that's my Frankenbike. Built it up with spare parts. Discovered 650b wheels fit just fine. It's a bit tired now!

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  7. you could have bought it for approx £25k not that long ago
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  8. Both names are correct, actually ;)
  9. Don't have that kinda cash sitting around spare! Hope it remains accessible to the public?

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  10. It would have to remain accessible to the public and I doubt you could do anything to it, it except 'own' it.

    I imagined a banker buying it,with one of their bonuses, as a romantic present for their partner

    Not sure it ever sold
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  11. you or the bike?

    I did the three peaks on my bike ,ran up them with the bike on my back...:D

    Personally ,i've seen millions of pictures of all the bridges/waterfalls/abbeys yorkshire dales etc ,ghost sign's are the new thing...(take some for me)..:p
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  12. Three Peaks with a bike on your back? You're a nutter! I don't know what 'ghost signs' are!?

    I live down South so I never tire of the sights up there. Luckily I have a friend with a farm near Settle so I get to Wild camp whenever I like. I've been almost every year for most of 50 years since a sprog and I love it.

    Gisburn forest in Bowland is nearby and good for biking if you like trails with mahoosive berms! Might be a. It tame for you though!

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  13. Sounds great, I am going to the Howgill's around Sedbergh North of Dentdale 12th April to run the 2 day Original Mountain Marathon route from 2012 with a night of wild camping in the middle, might not be quite as relaxing as yours but, just as enjoyable!
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  14. You could try Kettlewell a great newish campsite there and lots to see and do, Buckden pike is a great walk and worthy of a few pints afterwards.
    or Langstrothdale if you want a quiet place, and Muker or Thwaite all brilliant little places.
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  15. Sandybay, don't forget to go skinny dipping in Janet's Foss :thumbsup:

    Check with Janet first though if I were you :thinking:
  16. Might have to get back up there and arrange to meet up - perhaps.
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  17. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Sounds good, @paulcalf might be there at the same time as well, we should all swop mobile numbers.
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  18. I should be coming up on Tuesday 11th for a few days (not sure how many as I was gonna come up on the 8th but I have a funeral on the 10th, so lost a bit of free time) - I'll be bringing my bike and camera.

    I've never been to Malham Cove and the place Lasty suggests, Middlesmoor sound interesting and bikeable too :)
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  19. Sorry I'll have left the area before @sANDYbAY & @Louey arrive.

    Had a lovely walk up Malham cove and across to Goredale scar today. There were only 2 people camping at Goredale so check it out.

    Also managed to get a cheeky photo of peregrine falcons, shame I only had my camera phone


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