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Should the UK join in air strikes in Syria?

Poll closed Dec 3, 2015.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Good luck everyone.
  2. Wheres Neville Chamberlain when you need him!
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  3. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    The Frogs are sending Troops. The Germans want to.
    We're pretending our missiles are better than the Yanks and French have, and our pilots are better, that's why we must join in with some air strikes and we won't send ground troops, but we will. Have we got any?
  4. Having to be seen to be doing 'something' but not actually committing to doing enough (internationally) to solve the problem. Personally, I can't see negotiation getting anywhere with these guys, but I can't see that dropping bombs is going to sort anything out either.
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  5. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    I am glad you posted this because I have a question or two.

    How does going to bomb Syria and agitating the situation make me and my family safer.

    Why can't we just defend our country without killing mainly innocent people abroad.

    Who pays for all these missiles and planes we use?

    It all smells of bull turd to me! But what do I know.
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  6. Q1. Probably doesn't but we can't be seen as doing nothing, apparently

    Q3. They've found 4 billion under the mattress in no.10, apparently
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  7. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I think it's not ISIS that need negotiation with it's everyone else, and while it's all very well saying "we" plan to do just that, in reality I think "we" have no idea what a good end solution even looks like.
    I also think for the West to assume that all they need to do is "come up with the right plan" is ridiculous pomposity. The people of the Middle East and North Africa are not automatons or ants that will fall in line.
  8. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I don't recall Londoners giving up during the Blitz, quite the opposite.
  9. You can't bomb an ideology for starters. Secondly these guys have built tunnels under Raqqa, so unless our bombs are so clever that they can go in a house, open a few doors, find the entrance to the rabbit hole, go underground and explode, then we won't be able to kill these guys anyway. Whilst my sense is that it would be nice to give these scumbags a good spanking, all we'll do is fuel their warped ideology and make a few more converts to their cause back home. So when I take all these things into consideration it strikes me that it's a bad idea. .... But we voted these guys in so I guess we have to live with their decision.
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  10. That one simple sentence sums it up for me, being bombed just hardens the resolve.
  11. Not me guvnor but i was responsible for voting in the previous war criminal!
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  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Cameron says anyone against bombing "are a bunch of terrorist sympathisers". Nice one.
  13. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    I can see it now...

  14. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    They all love to use the toys at their disposal, why have armed forces and not use your muscle?
  15. I think 'The West' has an idea what their version of a 'good' solution is, but it's different from each of the factions in Syria, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia .............
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  16. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    It's not a war vote, we are already bombing them and at war, we just can't go over the imaginary border line in the sand when they step over it, they are slaving, raping, beheading maniacs who don't want to talk, they hate us more than we hate them, they want us all dead so they can expand their caliphate and kill anybody who does'nt agree, they need wiping out and we also need to secure our borders more and stop the indoctrination here
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  17. David Cameron to his cabinet earlier today:
    "you should not be walking through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers”

    How low does he have to stoop to denounce a life-long campaigner for peace and international relations?
    Shame on Cameron and all those feckless lickspittles who lack the courage to speak the truth behind the devastation and havoc wreaked upon the people of these countries, in pursuit of profit...

    I take it you're refering to the private bankers funding a western cabal intent on global neoconservatism...rather than ISIS?
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  18. When I said we voted them in, I meant parliament in general, not just the Tories. It's a free vote on this, so we have MP's of all colours voting different ways and we've given them our proxy..... Interestingly we can have referendum's(??) on issues like EU membership and Scottish independence, but when it comes to war our elected representatives decide on our behalf.
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  19. As opposed to global socialism, which has failed dismally so many times it's a wonder than the banks need to bother funding the 'neoconservatives'.
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  20. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Agreed, but that's not what's being proposed...yet. As said up there, others are going for it with ground troops. Our UK leaders have kinda lost the people due to past lies and treachery that they all now agree about. They don't think either the voters or the armed forces themselves (what's left of them) will stand for it. Slowly slowly, troops on the ground next. War.
    I'm not trying to expound an opinion on anything, but I am cynical and suspicicious and want to understand what's really going on because one thing is for sure - the first question one must ask oneself when a politician speaks is "Why is this lying pilchard lying to me".

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