Xmas hot drinks

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  1. Hot news, a caramel hot chocolate drink with whipped cream contains a lot of sugar.... who would have credited it !
  2. I’ve heard all of the Christmas chocolate does too?!
  3. :eek:
  4. Next thing you know and they'll be telling you that a bag of sugar contains a kilogram of - wait for it - SUGAR:eek:.
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  5. Only if it’s a kilo bag! ;)
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  6. Would that be like a sweet old bag ?
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  7. I’ll answer that tomorrow when I know how brave I need to be!
  8. You are,what you eat...:hattip:
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  9. You like pork ?
  10. Terrordales

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    That had me reaching for my insulin just reading it.
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  11. We have the Glühwein here in Germany, . It’s evil bad . But güt .... 00BD3DF5-9033-4635-89A5-7F9CC88E418A.jpeg
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