WANTED Xbox 360

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  1. After an xbox 360.
    Mine has got the red ring of death so only need the console but will consider buying with games as well.
    Cheap is good.
  2. There are several videos on how to fix the red ring it worked on mine when I had it
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  4. I've been told that the fix never lasts and better off replacing.
  5. forget the quick fixes this is what i followed and it lasted 2 years before i sold it

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  6. Moons

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    Is the red ring of death something the machine exhibits, or the user on reading they need to buy a new unit?
  7. Nothing to lose by trying I spose.
  8. stop scratching it
  9. I'm ready.
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  10. I have one 4 sale ? Fully working ?[​IMG]

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  11. Don't cut the blue wire
  12. Or was it the red wire
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  13. I remember putting extra washers on the fan or was that the ps,it broke again..:D
  14. I'm gonna water cool mine
  15. i put a fan between my legs :oops: ooops no i didnt say that :oops:
  16. We have a Sinclair Spectrum in the loft. I think they have vintage value now, so £200 to you mush :)
  17. If this doesn't work, how much do you want for it?
  18. I prefer cider.
  19. It's cooling off now.
    One of them standy up things that look like a small battery started smoking, is that OK?
  20. ron


    its a capacitor and sounds like its doomed - cost pennies from maplins

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