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Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Peter_Richards, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. You are being cautious which is a good thing as these vans are a lot of money. Every van out there will have some faults or issues, the perfect van doesn't exist.
    As mentioned, you must know what you want a van for and if you are going to work on it and maintain it yourself.

    Old vehicles can be a money pit on top of the purchase price. Expect that.

    It may seem like dead money, but think about hiring a T2 to learn about their pros and cons, in an unpressured situation.

    Maybe a T2 is not for you at all, maybe a more modern camper would be better overall. There are folks on here with T25, T4 and T5 so would be able to advise you.
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  2. I'm 50 years old and just retired, I've owned 'classic' cars all my life so know where you're coming from and appreciate the advice

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  3. Is this what you were taking photos for the other day?
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  4. Well, I am 70+ and well retired. I have a 66 mgb and a 75 tintop T2. The T2 is much more difficult to work on and needs constant attention. Like you are, I went out looking for a solid Bay and the interior and mechanicals were less of a priority.

    I saw my Bay at a VW event in Eastbourne and it was one of those vans 'restored and repainted' with a full phot record of the body and engine restoration. the body is good, but I knew the gearbox was noisy and on the way out and the engine, fuel system and electrics needed some attention.

    It was a case of doing a deal on the price to reflect the known faults and me expecting to shell out after purchase.

    The Bays are great and I am ok with my tintop as I don't do so much camping in it. I don't need a poptop and its less to leak and go wrong.
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    maaayyybbbe :)
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  6. :eek:

    Sorry, thread jacking for private conversations!
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  7. Our 1977 Westfalia Berlin is for offer at the right price if your interested. LHD From California, imported 2007 and repainted by owner. I bought it and gave it lots TLC but no major work required, Engine, electronic ignition, heating, interior etc. Etc. Original body, 1800 with twin carbs. Loads to say if your interested. If not hope you find what your after. Pics a starter for 10

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  8. Peter, would an prototype suit you, say, 1967, they say the perfect bus is not out there, well they've not seen mine, been sat in my dry workshop now for 10 years, RUST free, you won't see MANY this good anytime soon.
    Painted twice, not happy first time, been built using as many NOS parts as I could find.......I'm not going to bore you with all the what I e done stuff, if you'd consider this bus, then mail me at ron@vwendangeredspecies.co.uk and perhaps we can have a chat on the phone or I'll send pics.
    No pressure, if you don't, you don't, simple..

  9. So which one did you go for? Just curious.
  10. I have a t2 late bay 1973 with full size bed solid throughout

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  11. Mine is for sale!! Cheap,spend some pennies on it and make it a minter!
  12. Just come across your WTD ad. I guess you're sorted now but we have now put 'Tigger' on the market )see Buses for sale secton of TLBF . We're in Suffolk. He's also on eBay with reserve price of £14,500. If you're not sorted it may be just what you're looking for!!
  13. Looking ideally for 16k. We have new born so we don't get the time to use it. Seems a shame so would prefer someone who will use and appreciate what they've got [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Check out my Viking for sale on this forum, based in Leigh-on-sea Essex :)
  15. TUG


    Hi Pete,

    I am shortly putting my 1979 T2 Moonraker up for sale, it has won numerous awards and was front page featured in Volksworld magazine shortly after restoration. It has an agreed valuation with my insurers for £45K (having spent nearly £50K) and I'm looking for about £38K. If this is of interest to you, drop me a line and I will forward photos of the restoration works undertaken and can arrange for viewing and if required and independent inspection (at your cost).

    Best regards Paul
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    This post is well over a year old mate.
    You'd be better off posting a proper advert in the classifieds.
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  17. went a bit quite on this thread, simple yes / no or got one would help?
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