Would you like to drive your Bay around the Goodwood Motor Track? 18th Feb

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  1. Hi folks - it seems ages since I posted on here. Hope this msg finds you all well and looking forward to the coming season.

    I'll get straight to the point. I've organised for our lot over on brazilianvwbay.com to have the opportunity to do laps of the world famous Goodwood circuit on Saturday 18th Feb. We did this last year and it was a blast. We had 28 Kombis on the track then and it created a spectacle, particularly as it was a really dull day weatherwise.

    We have 40 slots on the track, but due to a variety of reasons, a number of our lot have had to cancel and we're now down to 20 Kombis. This year we're dedicating the whole session to a wonderful little boy who I met last year, who sadly has Treacher Collins Syndrome. Every slot booked on the track will donate at least £10 to Loui's fundraising. He has already had a host of invasive procedures to improve his health and faces many more over the coming years. Hopefully he and his parents will be in attendance on the day. We have the track for 1 hour around lunchtime - an MG club have booked the whole day at Goodwood, we are being allowed on whilst they lunch. The cost is £34 per campervan.

    Rather than not fill the slots, I thought it would be terrific to have representatives from your gang join us. We'd love to have you come and join us. Just remember one thing, this isn't a race and your insurance probably won't cover you for your time on the track. But it is a brilliant way to get your Bay exercising for the season ahead!!

    You can read more about the day by clicking this link:


    I fully understand if you don't want to register over on our site just for the purpose of joining in, so I'm happy to draw up a list of your attendees here on The Late Bay. I'll pm you the payment details should you choose to join us, which I hope many of you will.

    Many thanks for reading this and hope to see some of you on Feb 18th.

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  2. This is the itinerary of our day for those interested:

    1000 Meet at the Devil's Punchbowl Cafe at Hindhead.

    1030 Depart in Kombi konvoy for Goodwood, taking the route via Midhurst.

    1115 Stop for a photo at the Triangle car park on the A286

    1130 Continue to Goodwood Motor Circuit

    1145 Arrive in the Old Control Tower Car Park

    Set up for coffee and cakes

    Our hour on the track will be determined by the end of the morning MG club session.

    After we have done our laps we'll reconvene in the Old Control Tower Car Park.

    1430 at the latest, depart for The White Horse @ Graffham

    1500 Late lunch @ The White Horse

    Departures whenever folks feel like.


    I'll shortly be putting up the menu for our lunch at The White Horse. We pre-order the mains so that everyone gets their food at the same time. Puddings can be ordered on the day.
  3. Any of you guys joining us?

    It's a great opportunity...
  4. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I don't think any of us are confident of managing a complete lap ;)
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  5. Be lucky to make it to the track, yet alone a lap
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  6. Loui looks a proper little dude. We wont be joining you but good luck with the venture :thumbsup:
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