Would it be wrong of me to add some of mine in here?

Discussion in 'Can Cook, Will Cook' started by Jamie_Oliver, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I'll get some VW related ones together ...
  2. Can you do them in 30 minutes? ( no really ?)
  3. Seriously though - our diet improved significantly when hubby got your book - so all entries gratefully received.
  4. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    go for it twinkle, we're happy to have all posting ;)
  5. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    lovely jubbly

    You still got the splitscreen and trailer?
  6. I've got a couple of questions for you. Nothing to do with food, as I'm not very good at that stuff:

    1. Is it true that when driving your Split around Europe, it broke down loads of times and you ended up hating the thing?
    2. Is it true that you actually sold it for £45k?
    3. I always hear conflicting reports as to the engine you had in the back. Some say it was a 2.2 Porsche, some say 3.2, some say 3.6. Which one?
    4. Why are you using a Brazilian in your new show? Why not use a real classic 1970s late Bay?

    Quite a few of us think the poster who started this thread is not the real Jamie Oliver. So can you prove to us that you're genuine. Maybe post a photo of yourself holding up a piece of paper saying 'hello Late Bayers'.
  8. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Only if you can do it without a fully staffed kitchen & a production crew of 50 plus a couple of food stylists for good measure.
  9. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

  10. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

  11. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    well come master chef, get some more can cook posting done then! ;)

    still plowing way through cached recipes and haven't found many of yours, mind you I've only got through Nov to April :(

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