FOR SALE Workshoppe stuff Welder,toolbox,heater,fan, etc etc ..

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  1. Toolbox - stack on , not the prettiest with a few knocks and scrapes but does everything it`s supposed to do and all drawers work .
    The top box is removable . SOLD [​IMG][​IMG]


    Welder - SIP Turbo 150.
    Comes with guages , an almost full reel of 0.6mm wire and approx 5 meters of airline to connect to the bottle as i had a full sized bottle stood in the workshop corner and just moved the welder around - far easier than wheeling everything around !


    Possible delivery to Techenders , collection from SW London or the storage unit in Shepperton which is 20 minutes from Volksworld .
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  2. Clarke auto welding mask- little use , auto darkens when you spark up , adjustable reaction time and darkness - SOLD

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Clarke DA sander - £30
    Compressor blow gun and degreaser gun - £10

    18 inch Clarke chrome ventilation fan , can`t get a picture as it is buried behind a scaffolding tower but same as this :-

    Three speed and great in summer - £25

    I also have a propane workshop space heater , ex-rental and not pristine but does it`s job well . Once again , stored behind the scaffold tower so no pics but only £30

    Other useful stuff to follow ...

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  3. For some strange reason I’ve always wanted one of those big red metal storage thingies; and I’m imagining how tidy my garage could be with the acquisition of one. Hmmmmmmm
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  4. Double post ..

  5. It takes one to an extra level of storing crap , look what i found in there , a set of jump leads and an old jigsaw ... :rolleyes:

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  6. I think I need this in my life! Any chance on some dimensions?
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  7. I jotted some down but left the paper in t`lockup , such are my organisational skills .

    Off the top of mi head ....

    It`ll fit :thumbsup:

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  8. Excellent! Consider it sold, and off to a new life in Hampshire
    How would Sir like payment?
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  9. I deleted `in kind` ...

    Cash on collection is fine - you delivering out this way at all ??

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  10. Hahahaha cheeky!

    Don’t think there’ll be anymore Londinium deliveries this winter unfortunately, but I’ll check ( I’m here today ironically) If not, it could be an excuse for a jaunt out in the camper.
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  11. You deleted..

    Front bush too ..
    Didn't you....:D
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  12. what's the size of the scaffold tower?
  13. Bugger - if i`d have known , had a half day :rolleyes:

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  14. Bloody big - bloody old - bloody steel !
    (he won`t throw anything away ...)

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  15. :thumbsup:
  16. Right then @Lasty and @scrooge95, do we think it would lay down in the back of a golf estate?
    I'm working in bracknell on Friday and could probably collect it and bring it on Saturday, discuss.
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  17. If you can work it out with Chris ?
  18. A very generous offer , it`ll slip in nicely ....
    I should be able to get it over to Bracknell on Friday - PM me when you`ll be around and we`ll go from there :thumbsup:

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  19. Can I have the welding mask please Chris ?

  20. A very generous offer , it`ll slip in nicely ....
    I should be able to get it over to Bracknell on Friday - PM me when you`ll be around and we`ll go from there :thumbsup:


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